ЕГЭ – диалог (интервью) 58 с вопросами и выбором ответов

Вы услышите рассказ художницы о своем увлечении. В следующих заданиях выберите правильный ответ.

Play интервью

1. The narrator got involved in painting
1) when she married her third husband.
2) when she retired.
3) while watching a TV show.

2. The narrator’s family bought a house which
1) needed some renovations.
2) had new lush, thick carpet in all the rooms.
3) had only one small bedroom.

3. When the narrator started giving art lessons, she
1) had 18 students per week.
2) did it free of charge.
3) provided all the supplies needed for the lessons.

4. After the narrator stopped teaching Art,
1) her interest moved towards painting landscapes.
2) she started earning money from painting.
3) she had already learned to draw very well.

5. The narrator stopped using oil pants because
1) they were very expensive.
2) she wanted to try water-based acrylic paints.
3) they caused health problems.

6. Painting with acrylics presented a huge challenge for the narrator because
1) paints took several days to dry completely.
2) they were very difficult to mix.
3) she had to paint with both hands.

7. The narrator feels the importance of Art Association because
1) it helps artists to make new friends.
2) it allows them to sell their works of art.
3) its members support one another.

1 – 3
2 – 1
3 – 2
4 – 2
5 – 3
6 – 2
7 – 3

Many people have a casual attitude towards art and I was no exception. But in 1989,1 finally realized that life might have something more to offer. My husband Ray had asked me to retire six months earlier and I somehow began watching an oil painting show on TV, ‘The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross’. I was fascinated. It was not very long before I really wanted to try and paint along with this man on TV. My first finished painting was a landscape. Everyone praised my work and encouraged me to continue and gradually painting became my absolute passion in life.
A few months later we started looking to buy a four bedroom house. The one we found and really loved had brand new lush, thick carpet in all the rooms except one small bedroom in the back corner. This room had old, stained carpet and needed repairs but when the renovations were complete, it turned into the perfect ‘Art Studio.’ I painted constantly; almost day and night. I would often finish two paintings per day!
About a year later we began attending a little church in our neighbourhood. When the Pastor and his family found out that I was an artist, they asked me to teach their sons how to paint. I believed that God had given me the ‘gift’ of painting so I did not charge any money for the art lessons and we provided all the supplies needed for the lessons except the canvas. The next five and one-half years were filled with students from ages 6 to 70 coming in and out of my Studio twice per week and learning how to paint. At one time, I had 18 students per week.
This was a great time of learning and growing for me as an artist. After I stopped teaching Art, my interest moved from painting landscapes towards painting people. This was very foreign to me because I had never learned how to draw very much. During these years, I sold paintings, accepted commissions for specific works and did plein air paintings in public occasionally.
My husband, Ray, had also developed a great interest in painting. We took a spring vacation near a beautiful large lake in Texas and decided we would paint together for a week. After the first day of painting, I became very ill and thought it was a stomach virus or something I had eaten. In fact, I had been having stomach problems for a few weeks prior. After some research, we realized I had developed a strong allergy to oil paints and turpentine! We got rid of all oil based products in the Studio and I started using a water based acrylic paint. It was quite expensive.
Learning to paint with acrylics presented a huge challenge as they dry quickly in a matter of seconds and are nearly impossible to blend in comparison to oil paints, which take several days to dry completely and blending is no problem at all. Lots of new videos were studied and I continued to paint every day determined to learn the new medium. One weekend, I decided to paint a canvas and chose a landscape composition with an old Chapel high up in the mountains. I was painting as fast as I could before the acrylic dried and Ray laughingly said I was painting with both hands! When that experience was complete, I knew I could paint anything I wanted with acrylics.
A few years later we joined a local Art Association and we enjoyed making new friendships with other artists. We exhibited paintings in art shows, banks and other places during our tenor with the group. Soon I became President of my own Art Association, which was formed with the help of some very close and dear artist friends. We were a diverse group of lively, creative and energetic artists. Our meetings were fun, boisterous and informative. They were necessary for us because we always encouraged one another to keep painting no matter what! We exhibited paintings in different businesses on a continual basis and our artwork remains displayed at the city Library to this day.

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