Задание 57 на тексты и заголовки

Тренировочное задание 57 на подбор заголовков к текстам.


1. Space Research
2. A Touch of Magic
3. Great Expectations
4. М-Learning Revolution
5. Wary Birds
6. Viable Alternative
7. Old Custom
8. Attractive Destination

A. The Hebrides, a group of islands off the Scottish coast, offers tourists a diversity of wildlife and scenery with few equals in the UK. And in the waters around them you can find not only dolphins but whales and the mighty sea eagle as well. In places it is possible to see such marine animals from the shore, but to have the best views you need to be on a boat.

B. Mostly it’s about hot air — for without that, balloons are just big empty bags with baskets on the bottom. The Montgolfier brothers had great hopes when they made the first manned flight. They thought balloons would take off as a viable means of commercial flight. Instead, they have remained the province of sport, adventure and enjoyment. Yet they still retain the essential characteristics which make them so attractive.

C. Many people still think that to get the chance to go to space you have got to try to become an astronaut. Unfortunately, the chances of succeeding are tiny, simply because there are so few astronauts and there is no prospect of a lot more being employed. However, you need not despair because you will be able to go as a visitor. But the first thing you should do is to save up because the demand is expected to be strong and prices will be high.

D. The natural cautiousness is usual in herons. They prefer to spend the day in areas where they can hunt for fish in peace. They seldom allow close approach and are quick to take to the air when they sense humans are about. Such nervousness is understandable, given that they have suffered from persecution from fish farmers.

E. Crop circles are large circular patterns which have been turning up mysteriously in cornfields all over southern England, and in other parts of the world, since the 1980s. Many people believe they could not have been done by human beings — they say only visitors from outer space could have created such circles. Although scientists are trying to solve this mystery, the scientific explanation has not been found yet.

F. Teachers are used to asking students to turn off their mobile phones but soon they could be a major classroom aid for teaching and learning. Three schools in the Richmond area are taking part in an innovative project in which students will use their mobile phones. Students can use the phones to get access to learning materials as more phones nowadays have links to the Internet.

G. Every year, large crowds of people gather at Cooper’s Hill to watch the Cheese Rolling Championship. A group of brave people roll a large cheese wheel down the hill, and then run down after it. In theory, competitors must catch the cheese, but as it can reach speeds up to 70 miles an hour, this rarely happens. Cheese Rolling has been going on for hundreds of years and nobody knows for sure when it first started.

A – 8
B – 3
C – 6
D – 5
E – 2
F – 4
G – 7