ЕГЭ: упражнение 56 на высказывания и утверждения

Вы услышите 6 высказываний. Установите соответствие между высказываниями каждого говорящего A-F и утверждениями, данными в списке 1-7. Используйте каждое утверждение, обозначенное соответствующей цифрой, только один раз. В задании есть одно лишнее утверждение.

Play высказывания

1. I respected the teacher because of his attitude to me.
2. I was fortunate enough to have great teachers at school.
3. My level of knowledge increased due to my favourite teacher.
4. I was bored by the teacher and the subject.
5. I was taught not to be afraid of stating my point of view.
6. I thought that the teacher was too strict to me.
7. I was humiliated by the attitude of my teacher.

A – 2
B – 5
С – 7
D – 3
E – 1
F – 4

Speaker A
Mrs. Tyson was my piano teacher from when I started school at the age of five, and she taught me right through till my last day of high school. She was an inspiration, and she made the piano one of my biggest passions. I also remember Mr. Suttle, who was my Science teacher for the last 3 years of high school. He made the subject come alive for us and was an inspiration to everyone. I can’t remember any bad teachers at school. Perhaps, there were few if any of them. Luckily, I was taught by really talented teachers.

Speaker В
My favourite teacher was Mr. Bonach, who really got me into reading. At first, he scared me a bit, but then I must say I learned a great deal with him. He was one of those people who I’d sit down and talk to just about the stuff going on in life. In class I was a student and he was a teacher. Out of class we were just two people sharing opinions. We disagreed in so many things but he had a way to make me see him as a great person. He taught me that it’s ok to express my opinion. It’s not that I hadn’t done it before, but I was scared to do it at school.

Speaker С
My least favourite teacher at school was Mrs. Lampark. I had her back in thellth grade for English. Actually, she wasn’t a bad teacher. She never shouted at us although she was strict enough and never let us get away with incomplete homework. What annoyed me most of all, however, was that she used to talk to the students like we were children. She seemed to think none of us understood anything. It was so demeaning talking to her. I think she would have been much better at teaching 3d or 4th grades.

Speaker D
I loved all my teachers, even those who were not really knowledgeable or inspiring. But my favourite one was Miss Brady, my English teacher. She was Australian and had the best accent ever because it was like an English accent with a tinge of Aussie. It was really fascinating! My mates and I used to spend enough of our English lessons in a state of wonder. It’s funny how my Mum once said that my English was improving when she was my teacher and then when she met her at school she understood

Speaker E
The teacher that made an impact on me was Mr. Peachy. He was my head of year in Upper school and my History teacher. He only had one eye and he used to scare the hell out of me when I first started to study his subject. But he was sound in the end and actually gave me more chances than I deserved. I used to skip school a lot to play football and he ended up sorting it out and helped me through it all so I could get time off to play. I was quite naughty but he liked me for some reason.

Speaker F
I hated American History. Our teacher gave us a huge list of vocabulary we had to learn by heart and I couldn’t find those words even in the book he gave us. They were all in the book at school that only he had a copy of. It was so mind-numbing. Then for 2 weeks, he usually ranted about the dull notes he gave us, without even talking about things that were going to be in the test. He also gave us a weekly assignment to read a long article and to write about it. I had a С in that class and it was my lowest grade!

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