Задание 45 на тексты и заголовки

Тренировочное задание 45 на подбор заголовков к текстам.


А. Nearest Future for Mobile Phones.
В. Leave the Skies Phone-Free.
С. Country Users Are in Danger.
D. New Mobile Life on the Plane.
E. The Mobile Phone as a City Guide.
F. Phones to Guide Your Home.
G. Recommendations to Mobile Users.
Н. No Healthy Risks from Mobiles.

1. Mobile phones may pose a risk to rural dwellers because they emit more intense signals in the countryside, Swedish scientists said yesterday. A recent study found no extra risk of brain tumours for people who lived in cities but up to three times greater risk for country dwellers. One possible explanation, Dr Hardell said, was the adaptive power control systems used in mobile phones to adjust power output. In the countryside, where base stations are further apart, the phones operate at higher power levels.

2. New mobile technologies will be able to guide motorists around traffic jams and deliver information about restaurants and other services instantly over the phone, writes —- Ahlstrom, Science Editor. Strongly multi-disciplinary and involving a collection of third-level institutions and companies, the project will integrate data from Geographical Information Systems (GIS) such as the orbiting Global Positioning System with the wealth of information already available from other data-producing systems, from CCTV to sensors. A real-time 3D computer representation of an area could help guide a visually impaired person safely through a given space.

3. It has not been conclusively proven that mobiles present enough of a health risk to discourage their usage, especially when so much of social interaction and business is conducted on them. Furthermore, the World Health Organisation has concluded from research that it is exceptionally unlikely that radiation from mobiles is responsible for headaches and similar complaints that have previously been attributed to it. However, most people believe that they are unlikely to suffer from long-term harm from using mobiles.

4. Brian Nadel, writing in Computerworld magazine, discussed the “more daring and more personal” approach to designing mobiles with a host of industry members. “In a couple of years,” he says, “we may see the Packet phone that folds into a five square-centimetre package, while technology available in three or four years includes a double-sided touch screen camera phone designed in China. Predictions have also been made for phones that recharge using solar power or users’ kinetic energy.”

5. Most pieces of advice on the healthy use of mobiles focus on reducing contact with the body entirely. It is also wise to increase the proximity of your head to your mobiles. As mobiles use microwaves and can heat up the head and eyes somewhat, there are concerns that mobiles may potentially be able to cause early cataracts, although many sources believe this to be unlikely. You could use speakerphone to keep your mobiles away from your head, although you must be aware that this could be very impolite in public.

6. Passengers could soon be using their mobile phones on planes flying through European airspace. Plans have been developed across EU countries to introduce technology which permits mobile calls without risk of interference with aircraft systems. Regulators around Europe are calling for consultation on the potential introduction of the technology. If given the go ahead, the service would allow calls to be made when a plane is more than 3,000 metres high.

7. The prospect that mobile phones might be used on planes is horrifying. One has only got to listen to some of the mainly irrelevant calls which take place on public transport to be very concerned at the prospect of mobile phones being used on planes. The phone users will be competing with engine noise and it is likely they will have to speak loudly. It is all a recipe for air rage and hopefully with sufficient opposition it will not go ahead.

1 – C
2 – E
3 – H
4 – A
5 – G
6 – D
7 – B