ЕГЭ – диалог (интервью) 42 с вопросами и выбором ответов

Вы услышите интервью. В следующих заданиях выберите правильный ответ.

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1. Geoffrey Rush believes that the reason why he comes back is
1) the money he gets.
2) the popularity he enjoys.
3) the teamwork.

2. Geoffrey Rush says that improvisation
1) is not allowed in their work.
2) is what Johnny Depp usually does.
3) usually becomes part of the script.

3. One of the most predictable pirate cliches is
1) wearing an eye patch.
2) having a pet monkey.
3) using a peg leg to survive.

4. While talking with Terry Rossio, Geoffrey Rush came up with the idea of
1) hiding money in a peg leg.
2) drinking alcohol out of a peg leg.
3) having a weapon in a peg leg.

5. Penelope Cruz
1) met her match in the film.
2) made the actors work harder.
3) sharpened the actors’ wits.

6. Geoffrey Rush is sure that in the fifth film
1) Barbossa’s wish to have more power will increase.
2) Barbossa will lose his power.
3) Barbossa will turn into James Cameron.

7. In the fifth film Terry Rossio might explore
1) new aspects of the pirate world.
2) situations that are pirate-driven.
3) things that aren’t connected with piracy.

1 – 3
2 – 3
3 – 1
4 – 3
5 – 2
6 – 1
7 – 3

Interviewer: Today we welcome Mr. Geoffrey Rush, who has played pirate Hector Barbossa in all four films. While he doesn’t have grand plans for his upcoming sixtieth birthday, he has some thoughts about what might be in the fifth Pirates film and he’s going to share his experience on the high seas over the years. Good evening, Mr. Rush. Please, tell our listeners what keeps you coming back?
Geoffrey Rush: Sceptics and cynics think it’s just the pay cheque. But the real benefits are from long-term collaboration- the fact that we have the same stunt people, the same costume designers since September 2002. There is a rich development in working together, which gives you further possibilities. You’re not constantly reinventing the wheel. The writers have always been very open to suggestions. Even with the first film, we would sit around and throw ideas.
Interviewer: Do you and Johnny Depp do much improvisation?
Geoffrey Rush: Jack has a certain amount of licence and Johnny sometimes throws in some wild cards. But more often than not, it happens in the rehearsal process and it gets set into the official dialogue. Part of our job is to make highly structured work look like we are making it up at the moment.
Interviewer: One of the biggest changes in the fourth film is in your character Barbossa. He only has one leg!
Geoffrey Rush: There had always been a rule on the first film that we wanted to avoid some of the more predictable pirate cliches. They gave me a monkey, not a parrot. No one wore an eye patch until the third film. And it’s taken until the fourth film to have someone with a peg leg. But as revealed in the film, he takes off his leg to survive. He didn’t yield to Blackbeard’s power so there is an added dramatic value rather than he’s walking around with a wooden leg. But we do get some good jokes out of it.
Interviewer: Especially when you drink out of it!
Geoffrey Rush: That evolved when Terry Rossio, our screenwriter, and I were talking long before we started shooting the fourth film. I said we wanted to get some mileage out of the leg and he asked us to come up with some ideas. Someone suggested hiding money in it. I said the most obvious one would be that he had a weapon in there and he said, ‘Oh, that’s good’ — and you can see his mind ticking” ‘That’s what Jack would assume.’ Then Johnny brought up the idea of alcoholic drink. It evolved from us talking.
Interviewer: What did Penelope Cruz bring to the film?
Geoffrey Rush: She is such an amazing actress. You look at Vicky Cristina Barcelona and that’s one of the high comedy acts onscreen. It certainly deserves an Academy Award. So to have her come in and raise the bar as a principal character kept us on our toes. It was great for Jack Sparrow to meet his match. It sharpened his wits because I think their dialogue is very sharp and very funny.
Interviewer: What do you want to see happen with Barbossa in the fifth film?
Geoffrey Rush: Well, Barbossa is left with the best moment of career achievement. At the end of the first one he’s killed; at the end of the second one he comes back; at the end of the third one he thinks he has the map of the fountain of youth but it has a big hole in it. So where will they go in the fifth film with Barbossa being the king of the world? He could lose that power or compound that power. He could turn into James Cameron, I don’t know. But I’m pretty certain that his megalomania will explode in horrific ways.
Interviewer: Any idea what new aspect of the pirate world will be explored?
Geoffrey Rush: There have been so many plot lines that have explored all possible mythological things. It’s pretty hard to think of what else is there in the pirate world. I have a feeling from what Terry said that he might explore things that aren’t necessarily pirates-based. He’ll put them into dramatic situations that aren’t necessarily pirate-driven.

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