Задание 37 на тексты и заголовки

Тренировочное задание 37 на подбор заголовков к текстам.


1. High-tech emergency assistance
2. Hidden by a mirror
3. A perfect fit every time
4. A cool solution for the climate
5. Different seasons, different colours
6. A warning to stop now
7. Changing colour to hide
8. A helpful temperature warning

A. Clothes have a vital role to play in regulating our body temperature. Researchers in America have developed a material based on polyethylene (the plastic used in plastic bags and cling film for wrapping food) which efficiently reduces the temperature of your body. It allows sweat to evaporate and also allows the body’s heat to escape. The developers hope that it could have an impact on environmental concerns by reducing the use of air conditioning.

B. One of the products that we have as a result of space travel is the space blanket.. This consists of a very thin plastic sheet with a reflective coating. It retains body heat and is commonly used in situations such as earthquakes or floods, where people are injured or suffering from shock. Allowing victims’ body temperature to drop would make their condition worse, so space blankets help to keep them stable until they can seek help.

C. Unlike children and adults, babies are unable to regulate their body temperature. This can lead to dangerous over-heating in modern centrally-heated homes. The Baby Glow sleepsuit contains heat-sensitive ink, which changes from blue or pink to a different colour if the baby gets too hot. This provides an easy visual signal for parents to spot and they can then take action to cool the baby.

D. Computer engineers have created a material that can disguise an object by making it invisible to see. Some systems try to bend light around an object, but that leads to a drop in brightness and the object can be seen. This new system uses Teflon (a material developed during the American space program) on a thin sheet. By changing how the light reflects, the sheet can make it appear as if an object has disappeared. One day, it could even be made into clothing.

E. Clothes can be tight or loose, depending on the fashion of the day, but you won’t find anything more figure-hugging than spray-on fabric. It creates clothes instantly and cheaply, directly onto your body. The spray contains a liquid mixture made of cotton fibres. The dried garment can be taken off, washed and dried and then worn again. You know that it will always be the right size, and when you get bored with the item, you can dissolve the fabric and use it again to make something

F. One designer decided that having a rug that was the same colour all year round just wasn’t good enough. Siren Elise Wilhelmsen used three dyes that respond to temperature to create a rug that changes as the weather changes. Of course, in homes where the temperature is closely controlled, there may be little noticeable change, but for some it will give a colourful reminder of the cycle of a year.

G. Getting a knock on the head during sport can be dangerous. The Checklight aims to protect sportsmen and women of all ages from the results of impacts. It’s a kind of skullcap that can be worn under a helmet. When it detects a collision that is stronger than usual, a warning light appears. The coach then knows to take that player out of the game. It has already prevented more than one player from making an injury worse.

А – 4
В – 1
С – 8
D – 2
E – 3
F – 5
G – 6