ЕГЭ: упражнение 35 на высказывания и утверждения

Вы услышите 6 высказываний. Установите соответствие между высказываниями каждого говорящего A-F и утверждениями, данными в списке 1-7. Используйте каждое утверждение, обозначенное соответствующей цифрой, только один раз. В задании есть одно лишнее утверждение.

Play высказывания

1. Volunteering can help your academic career.
2. When you volunteer you gain a more profound understanding of life.
3. If you organize your life, you’ll find time for volunteering.
4. If you do kind things, it’ll return to you.
5. Volunteers sometimes need to be persistent.
6. Volunteering demands too much of your time and energy.
7. Volunteering can expand your world.

A – 4
B – 1
C – 7
D – 3
E – 2
F – 5

Speaker A: My friends say volunteering isn’t a good idea. The thought of doing something for free doesn’t attract them at all. But I think volunteering is absolutely necessary in the modern world. If you help someone today, maybe somebody else will help you when you need it. Or maybe they’ll help your friends or relatives. Kind things are like a boomerang — they come back to the people who do something positive without expecting anything in return.

Speaker B: Volunteering is hard in my opinion. You have to find time in your schedule to do tasks that are often hard, either physically or psychologically. Still, many teenagers, including me, volunteer their time, not only because doing something good invites good karma, but also because it’ll look good on your CV. If you have been a volunteer, your chances to be accepted at a good college or university jump right up. By helping others, you can help yourself.

Speaker С: For me, volunteering is a chance to meet new people and make friends. I take part in international volunteering programs, like youth summer camps that focus on the environment or teach younger kids. I have many friends on Facebook, thanks to my volunteer activities, and now I know much more about the world around me. I’d really like to be a volunteer at the Olympic village in Sochi in 2014, but I hear foreigners can’t do that. It’s such a pity!

Speaker D: I’ve been working as a volunteer for several years already and I enjoy it immensely. I feel socially useful and part of the community I belong to. It might take a lot of my time and energy and be very demanding, but the satisfaction I get in the end is worth it all. Volunteering is so rewarding. And thanks to wise time management, somehow I always find time for everything — studies, leisure and helping others, so it is really great.

Speaker E: I think everyone should try volunteering at some point in their life. And it’s not only about being useful to your community. Volunteering teaches you about yourself and the world around you. You begin to appreciate what you have, but might have been taking for granted, because you see so many people who can’t afford the simplest things that you use every day without noticing it. When you understand the real value of things, you grow up.

Speaker F: I’m a volunteer at the local library and I’m proud of it. My job is to find books for the library. I find old books that people have already read and don’t want anymore. At first, when I knocked on people’s doors, they didn’t understand what I wanted; sometimes they even laughed at me, but I didn’t give up. I organized a fair and a book sale and people began to pay attention. I’ve managed to collect many books for the library — and that’s quite an achievement!

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