ЕГЭ – диалог (интервью) 31 с вопросами и выбором ответов

Вы услышите интервью. В следующих заданиях выберите правильный ответ.

Play интервью

1. The narrator says that the Union is a body which
1) includes both — the students and the teachers.
2) is of a political character.
3) does not represent all groups of students.

2. According to the narrator the behavior of the Union members shows
1) a high level of intellect.
2) a lack of maturity.
3) a sense of responsibility.

3. The narrator ran for the office because
1) he had supporters.
2) he wanted the position.
3) he was sure he would make it.

4. The narrator is not happy about the Union because the members
1) are not aware of the current political situation in the world.
2) are too young to understand the interests of mature students.
3) tend to discuss their private affairs and problems.

5. The narrator thinks that the Union should
1) be abolished.
2) do its work better.
3) attract more attention.

6. The narrator believes that the Union members are interested in
1) getting more money for their work.
2) increasing their experience.
3) having fun together.

7. For the narrator the university is a place to
1) entertain himself.
2) study hard.
3) make friends.

1 – 3
2 – 2
3 – 1
4 – 2
5 – 2
6 – 3
7 – 2

Again, I’m not sure how this works in any other part of the world. At my university we have a student-elected body of representatives called “The Union”. It is a quasi- political body, elected from the student body and meant to represent the student body as a whole. However, I have doubts about their ability to represent me, and any other mature student at that university.
Let me begin by saying that this year’s President likes to be called “Gravy”. The behavior of the Union on the whole reflects this level of maturity. This year I ran for the office, I promised someone that I would run. A random meeting with next year’s President and a rant about how ineffectual I thought the Union was brought this about, and I must say, my mates gave me a lot of support. However, I did not make the effort to canvass, I did not want the position.
Yes, if more mature and experienced people do not join, what hope is there of this body being more representative? I should feel worse than I do about my lax efforts, but there is no way in the world I could sit in an office with these people without ranting and raving at them. How can a body of 19 and 20 year olds represent a student body that ranges from 18 to 80? In the UK, more and more mature students are returning to study every year. If the body that is meant to represent them discusses issues like the ethics of every single product in the Union shop, or whether not allowing Al-Qaeda to operate from the university is discrimination or not … they are simply not represented. How can I present problems specific to a mature student to someone with little or no life experience themselves?
This became evident in a short time and I did not actually take any notice of the elections because these were not elections based on any kind of merit, but on how popular someone is, or how much attention they can draw to themselves during the elections by dressing up. When I see taxpayers’ money wasted on these things (and yes, it is that money that is used) it makes me see red. The Union has a very important job to do, and unfortunately it does not do it very well at all. The Union would perform better as a non-elected body where people with experiences of the issues and methods do the work, rather than young and inexperienced people who want nothing more than a jolly good time with their mates, and something to put on their CV.
I have overheard some people talking about this on occasions. They think that there is something wrong with the situation. In my opinion, there’s definitely something wrong with it.
I never thought that this was what university would be about. I am there for a reason, to learn. I sold my house to finance this degree, it is a pretty major commitment for me, so of course I am going to take it seriously.

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