Задание 30 на тексты и заголовки

Тренировочное задание 30 на подбор заголовков к текстам.


1. Accessories for everybody
2. Bedding items
3. Dealing with old T-shirts
4. Donations
5. Household ideas
6. Hygeinic aids
7. New clothes
8. Reusable bags

A) T-shirts are a universal clothing item. If you’ve ever attended a rock-concert, cheered on a sports team or participated in a charity, you’ve likely racked up a bunch of them. But over time, they tend to get worn out or just overwhelming in volume. Sometimes, a removal might be necessary. There are always people who need gently used clothing to hand them over to. But you can give old T-shirts new life. There are scores of ideas for upcycling them from the simple and practical to the downright creative.

B) Four T-shirts sewn together make a dog blanket that is harder to destroy by chewing and cheaper than dog beds from a pet-shop. A dozen T-shirts can turn to a travel quilt for a grown-up human. To make a travel pillow, just cut around the T-shirt design and add other fabrics around and stuff it all with the leftovers. When one is sick or sweating at night, old T-shirts may serve as pillow covers. Lots of people just sleep wearing them and consider them best pajamas.

C) Not only must your old-T-shirts be clean and in good repair. Make sure that the receiving charity actually needs them. Such organizations rather accept business suits for people to wear to job interviews or gowns for girls who want to attend high school proms but can’t afford a new dress. Illegal businesses often send unneeded clothes overseas ruining local textile and clothing industries. If you really just want to get rid of old clothes, it is better to throw them out.

D) The English obsessed with Do-It-Yourself activities won’t throw away even badly worn-out T-shirts. They’ll wear them or use as rugs for painting or plumbing or polishing silver. Gardeners will cut them into strips and use those strips to tie up tomato plants or trees. Handy women will knit or crochet rugs for kitchen or door-mats out of T-shirt strips. One of them boasted about turning one into a macrame lampshade!

E) They make great surgery recovery shirts for dogs. Dogs do hate these stupid cones, but T-shirts don’t bother them at all. Some people also find T-shirts smooth enough for skin and cut them into small tissues to reuse as makeup-removing wipes soaked in micellar water or a tonic lotion. Old T-shirts are less damaging to dry hair than terry cloth, as well. So why not convert them into towels? And you’ll hardly find a girl who’s never worn an old T-shirt when coloring her hair.

F) Cut the fringe along the bottom and tie up the hole. Cut off sleeves to turn into handles. You’ll get a no-sew reusable grocery substitute to help get plastic bags out of the environment. So easy to make! Still so pleasant to remember and demonstrate your participation in sports competitions, festivals, fundraising and other events you’ve collected T-shirts from every time you use them.

G) Using braiding, knotting and macrame turn them into headbands that won’t squeeze your head. Tear them into strips for hair curls. You can make kid-friendly jewelry from old T-shirts. Cut them into strips, braid them into necklaces, bracelets and scarfs. Safe to chew on for those who can’t get rid of the habit so far. They also serve well as chew toys for dogs. Dolls will also profit from getting clothes made from old T-shirts.

A) – 3
B) – 2
C) – 4
D) – 5
E) – 6
F) – 8
G) – 1