Задание 27 на тексты и заголовки

Тренировочное задание 27 на подбор заголовков к текстам.


1. Fashion victims
2. Family limitations
3. Teens are not to be blamed
4. Ridiculous looks
5. Victims of commercialism
6. Parental Influence
7. Impossible to avoid
8. Teens lack sense of style

A) It is absolutely sickening to see girls with extremely revealing tops, those funny ‘messy buns’ and worst of all, almost see-through gym-legging things, especially when they are not slim enough as some girls in my class. And the boys too, with their nonsense hairstyles, and what are those tight turned up denim shorts supposed to be about? Unlike my brainwashed peers, I don’t care about fitting in. I wish I didn’t care about what other people wore but when it gets to the extent that it makes you feel sick, especially the girls, you simply can’t help it.

B) If you look around at teenagers in today’s society, you will notice that they are all wearing the same trends, the same logos, and same designers. They are truly fashion victims and it is sad that no one is able to think for themselves anymore. If they got in a no name shop where there are no familiar labels or set outfits, what would they do? They won’t be able to make a proper stylish outfit. All they are able to do is to copy looks from fashion magazines.

C) I would hope that those who say children are fashion victims, do not buy any branded clothes at all. They go to a special shop (which I personally never heard of) where they buy plain clothes — without any pictures, any logos, any patterns or style. My family goes shopping to the nearest shopping centre where we normally choose between Top Shop, Zara and H&M where we get a standard set of clothes (t-shirts, jeans, dresses). Everything is just so modernized that wherever you shop, you look pretty the same.

D) Now lots of children and teenagers are into fashion but they didn’t start it. This is our new generation. All the teenagers want is to be liked by other people, by their peers mostly. And if in order to get this they have to wear certain logos or to follow certain fashion styles, they will do it. Today social groups assess new members according to the way they are dressed, and then make a decision if they accept newcomers. So if anyone wants to fit in, basically they have no choice.

E) Teenage fashion never comes out of the blue. Of course they have trendsetters among pop stars like Selena Gomez, but if we take a particular individual there is always a story behind. Take a little girl whose mother has enough money and time to make her look like a princess or a Barby girl or whatever she thinks is suitable. The girl follows her mother’s advice and years later we see a young person with set fashion traditions which are quite difficult to change, no matter how ridiculous or outdated it looks.

F) Teenagers aren’t fashion victims. I guess they don’t even care about styles. Instead, they are moved by commercials, what Hollywood stars wear and by mass media incursions into their consciousness. Teenagers have parents with money, so whatever the kids want, they have it straight away. And that is what commercials are geared toward. When the next hottest trainers, designed by a pop star, come out, teens will line up to get them. Not because they are super stylish, but because they saw them on TV.

G) Parental intervention stops us from becoming fashion victims or just freaks. Though many of us like to imitate the fashions adopted by our favourite stars, we are not allowed to do so. Parents always draw a line and persuade us as to why we should not wear such revealing clothes, zing bang jewelry and so on. At least they try to explain and point out that our family background and traditions always matter. If they don’t, parents can always stop the money flow.

A) – 4
B) – 8
C) – 7
D) – 3
E) – 6
F) – 5
G) – 2