ЕГЭ – диалог (интервью) 23 с вопросами и выбором ответов

Вы услышите интервью. В следующих заданиях выберите правильный ответ.

Play интервью

1. Why does Mariela think that the first question is easy?
1) The answer depends on her mood.
2) The choice of films is limited.
3) She has her personal favourite.

2. Why does Mariela name ‘American Beauty’ the best film?
1) Because of acting.
2) Because it’s mainstream.
3) Because of its plain plot.

3. Why is ‘Gladiator’ not Mariela’s favourite film?
1) It’s too mysterious.
2) For her it’s a usual film.
3) It’s not exciting.

4. Mariela thinks that ‘The Sixth Sense’ was
1) made by the best director.
2) the most unanticipated success.
3) made to frighten people.

5. According to Mariela, what is good about ‘All about my Mother’?
1) It has a lovely beginning and sad ending.
2) There are more positive feelings in it.
3) It can touch feelings of anybody.

6. What does Mariela say about John Travolta in ‘Pulp fiction’?
1) His role was not typical for him.
2) He could play any part in it.
3) He’s the best as a bad guy.

7. What does Mariela think about ‘Chicago’?
1) It’s the best musical ever.
2) The choice of the actors determined its success.
3) This musical is not for the cinema.

1 – 3
2 – 1
3 – 2
4 – 2
5 – 3
6 – 1
7 – 2

Presenter: Good evening. Tonight we’ve got the famous film critic Mariela Smith with us to talk about her favorite films from the last ten years. How do you do, Mariela. We’ve missed you.
Mariela Smith: Hello, everybody. It’s a pleasure being here again.
Presenter: Thank you. So, Mariela, what do you think is the best film of the last ten years?
Mariela Smith: Some people find it a difficult question, you know. The choice is enormous and it depends on our current mood as well. Well, there’s absolutely no competition for me. I know a lot of people think it was ‘Gladiator’, but for me the best film in the last ten years was ‘American Beauty’ — it was so different, with unexpected twists of the plot, very clever, and it had the best acting, I think — though some actors were newcomers to the cinema world. It was the most unusual film in the last ten years.
Presenter: So, no vote for ‘Gladiator’ from you?
Mariela Smith: Oh, I think ‘Gladiator’ was really good. It was definitely the most exciting film, but it’s just not my favorite. It was just normal, ordinary. There’s no mystery here behind the screen which is I think an essential for a truly good film.
Presenter: Were there any surprises for you in the last ten years?
Mariela Smith: Surprises … well, yes. I think the biggest surprise was ‘The Sixth Sense’ — it was a fantastic film from an unknown director. No one expected it. I think it’s also the scariest film in the last ten years. When you watch it and imagine it happening — just the very thought that it might be possible — it makes my heart jump.
Presenter: What about foreign language films? Any good ones there?
Mariela Smith: Well, lots, of course, lots of films are worth mentioning but the one that I believe was best was ‘All about my Mother’, by Pedro Almodovar. It was a lovely film, very sad, but the most interesting foreign language film of the ten years. It has a peculiar mixture of positive and negative feelings, joys and sorrows — there’s everything in this film. Everybody can find something in it which will touch upon their soul.
Presenter: Mmm, I liked that one too. You don’t like violent films, do you?
Mariela Smith: No, I don’t like such films in general, but there’s one violent film that I’d like to talk about — ‘Pulp Fiction’. That was very violent in my opinion, possibly the most violent film of the ten years, but it was so good — it was definitely the best mixture of action and comedy at the time. And John Travolta was really fantastic as a villain — it’s not usually the kind of part he plays, but he played the bad guy so well in this one. Everybody knows how gifted he is as an actor but this film revealed another aspect of his talent. This was a surprise.
Presenter: Well, I think that’s all we have time for …
Mariela Smith: No, wait a moment. There’s one more film I really want to mention, and that’s ‘Chicago’. I don’t usually like musicals at the cinema, but it really was the freshest musical for a long time — it was really good. But I believe it was so good just because of the cast. Put other actors there — and you’d probably get a complete flop.
Presenter: OK. Thank you very much, Mariela, and now we turn to …

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