Задание 20 на тексты и заголовки

Тренировочное задание 20 на подбор заголовков к текстам.

1. A worried motorist. 5. Help is available.
2. Emotional pressure. 6. You’ll never drive again.
3. An expensive fear to develop. 7. The terror of driving.
4. Health problems that medicine can’t cure. 8. In demand.

A) There are hundreds of motorists who dislike motorway driving. Many cannot bear to be stuck in a traffic jam. Others hate the thought of driving, through a tunnel. For some, however, driving can be so terrifying that staying at home is preferable.

B) For these individuals help is at hand. Many are turning to a former traffic policeman for help. Jim Nap has set up courses in London and Paris for those who find motorway driving difficult.

C) Since he started the course, Nap has heard some terrible stories. He says driving in large cities can be extremely stressful. ‘It can make you nervous. It can affect your life if you can’t cope.’ He has realised that this stress can work its way through to other parts of people’s lives. He has talked to people whose marriages have broken up as a result of driving stress. He has also found that ten in particular often become more aggressive when they are forced to drive.

D) Those on the course have all suffered similar symptoms. Many are physically sick when they drive in heavy traffic. Others suffer with breathing problems and even blackouts. These are drivers who have deadlines or business people with important meetings to attend that are most likely to feel stressed.

E) Others find they have a problem driving on roads or passing a specific location where they may have had problems before. Memories of car accidents can cause a nervous driver to develop a ‘mental block’. Nap says he knows of a man who drove an extra ten miles every day so he could avoid a particular road. Over the years the cost in time and money was enormous but he was unable to drive anywhere near the road.

F) Another man on the course did anything he could to avoid driving through a tunnel at London’s Heathrow airport. Nap explains it was because the man had once seen a photo in a newspaper of a car which had caught fire there. The sight of this caused him great anxiety.

G) There are currently 180 people waiting to go on the course. The sessions vary between three and five hours. Apart from the three people Nap has not been able to help, the course has been largely successful.

A) – 7
B) – 5
C) – 2
D) – 4
E) – 3
F) – 1
G) – 8