Задание 19 на тексты и заголовки

Тренировочное задание 19 на подбор заголовков к текстам.

1. Preparingfor a job interview. 5. Sharing impressions with a friend.
2. Successful career. 6. Job offer.
3. Challenging job. 7. Enjoyable job.
4. Personality. 8. Applying for a job.

A) A bright sixteen-or-seventeen-year-old is needed to work on Saturdays from nine till six on our market stall selling clothes. Our stock consists of a wide range of trousers, jeans and shirts of modern design. No previous experience is necessary as we provide full training on the job. The main qualities required are an ability to deal with the customers in a positive and friendly manner.

B) You are a natural optimist. You are happy most of the time and always expect the best. However, you are often careless and you don’t always work hard enough because you think everything will be fine. Remember, nobody is lucky all the time.

C) I was twenty-three when I went to Cosmopolitan as a secretary. I had to do all the usual secretarial jobs like answering the phone and typing letters. And at eleven o’clock I made the coffee, and I had to clean the fridge once a month. After a year I began to train as a sub-editor and then got my National Certificate — a qualification for British journalists. After a time I became feature editor on Cosmopolitan. My secretarial training has been incredibly useful.

D) Find out as much as you can about your prospective employers and the business they are in. Think about the questions you are most likely to be asked, and at least three questions you would like to ask them. Don’t only talk about what you hope to get from the firm. Say what you can do for them and all the things in your previous experience and training that you think will be useful in the new job.

E) I feel I would be suitable for this position because I have good organizational skills, and I greatly enjoy going out and meeting new people. I have experience of this kind of work. Last summer I was employed by Imperial Hotels as a tour organizer and arranged excursions to places of interest. I also worked for London Life last Christmas, which involved taking groups of tourists around the capital. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any further information. I look forward to hearing from you.

F) At the moment I’m staying at a hotel in Athens and I’m doing quite a lot of sightseeing. You would not believe it but the job doesn’t seem to be too demanding. Most of the time I deal with bookings and answer inquiries. But I suppose it’ll be different when the tourist season starts next month. Even now restaurants are beginning to get busier. Next, I’m moving to the island of Crete, which is where most of the people in the company live. See you soon.

G) There are Search and Rescue Services all around the coast of Britain. They must be ready to go out at any time of the day or night and in any weather. Sometimes they must rescue people in the mountains in a storm at night. It isn’t easy to navigate a helicopter in the dark just a few metres from a mountain. The crews work on 24-hour shifts, so if a ship sinks or if someon falls down a cliff, Search and Rescue will be there to help.

A) – 6
B) – 4
C) – 2
D) – 1
E) – 8
F) – 5
G) – 3