ЕГЭ – диалог (интервью) 18 с вопросами и выбором ответов

Вы услышите интервью. В следующих заданиях выберите правильный ответ.

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1. Dr Ling
1) is visiting from overseas.
2) was once overweight.
3) is the world’s youngest obesity expert.

2. Carrying waist fat is more serious
1) than carrying it elsewhere on the body.
2) than having diabetes.
3) for men than for women.

3. The best way to determine if you have too much fat around your waist is to
1) see if your waist measures over 40 inches.
2) compare your waist and hip measurements.
3) see if you are carrying fat on your hips.

4. Age affects weights gain because
1) you lose muscle.
2) you burn more calories.
3) you change your lifestyle.

5. Whether a man puts on waist fat depends mostly on
1) his genes.
2) how physically active he was when young.
3) his lifestyle choices.

6. You can reduce waist fat by
1) building up the stomach muscles.
2) reducing your calories.
3) exercising and healthy eating.

7. When it comes to weight gain around the waist, soft drinks
1) are only part of the problem.
2) are probably less harmful than fruit juice.
3) should be completely avoided.

1 – 2
2 – 1
3 – 2
4 – 1
5 – 3
6 – 3
7 – 1

A: And now for all you men out there who may be carrying a few extra pounds around your waist, we welcome international obesity expert Dr Alex Ling to the studio. Dr Ling is the director of the world’s most famous obesity clinic. Not only that, he is a man who had personal experience of the condition when young. Dr Ling, why is carrying extra weight around the waist so dangerous?
B: Because people who gain fat around their waist are at greater risk of serious health problems than are people who gain fat in other parts of their body. Regardless of whether you are overweight or skinny, having excess fat around your waist increases your risk of getting diabetes and many other diseases. Interestingly, men are far more likely than women to gain weight around the waist.
A: How should listeners check if they have too much fat around their waists?
B: Well, a person’s waist size is a good indicator of whether they are carrying too much fat. For most men, the risk factors for diabetes and other diseases increase with a waist size greater than 40 inches. Measurements that compare a person’s waist-to-hip ratio are much more precise, but waist size alone can give a pretty good estimate.
A: Most men seem to get a fat waist only when they get older. Does age play a role in weight gain around the waist?
B: Yes. As you age, you lose muscle – especially if you’re not physically active. Muscle loss can slow the rate at which your body burns calories, and so you gain weight. I should also add that genes can influence whether we become overweight or obese, as well as where exactly we will carry any extra fat on our bodies. But for most men, the problem has more to do with lifestyle than genes.
A: How can men get rid of their waist fat?
B: In precisely the same way they would get rid of excess fat on any part of their body: through reducing their calorie intake and by exercising!
A: Are sit-ups helpful?
В: Sit-ups can help to make your abdominal muscles stronger, but these exercises alone won’t specifically reduce fat around the waist. As I said, healthy eating and regular physical activity is the only way.
A: Finally, Dr Ling, what everyone wants to know! Does drinking sugary soft drinks really lead to a fat waist or is that just a myth?
B: Well, drinking a lot of sugar can cause you to gain fat around the waist. However, soft drinks alone aren’t to blame. Consuming too much sugar of any kind can increase one’s waist fat, although research suggests fruit juice may be an exception. So, if you drink soft drinks, do so only in moderation.
A: Thank you for joining us today, Dr Ling.
B: My pleasure.

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