Задание 12 на тексты и заголовки

Тренировочное задание 12 на подбор заголовков к текстам.

1. Fans from high society. 5. The saint day of the week for Italians.
2. Fans help their teams to win. 6. Three most important things for Italian.
3. Decisive duel. 7. Supporters all over the world.
4. The joy of win. 8. Fierce fight.

A) Our taxi driver has just discovered that one of his passengers supports AC Milan. As he hears the name of his team’s deadly rivals he holds up his Internazionale Football Club season ticket and kisses it as if it were a religious icon. The San Siro stadium appears in the distance, a sight as wonderful as Milan’s beautiful cathedral. Our driver cries: ‘San Siro – La Scala de calciso! A temple!’
This story illustrates the relationship between Italy’s three great loves: religion, opera and football. It’s not just a game. Even a moderate sports fan cannot fail to be moved by the spectacle of Italian football and its faithful supporters.

B) We come as pilgrims in search of the divine sporting experience: a Serie A match at the 80,000 capacity San Siro, home of Milan’s twin giants, Inter and AC Milan. Today Inter is playing at home to Parma. If Parma wins today, they can replace Milan at the top of the league.
The Gazetta dello Sport is building up the match in dramatic style; th Milan sporting newspaper is comparing it to a battle of operas; it is being played under flood lights, two cities have great opera house, and the virtuos performers are the players.

C) The majority of the crowd at the San Siro is well-dressed, with a high percentage of women. In Milan the women sit the expensive seats in their darl glasses and in winter wear their fur coats. Football attracts the rich and powerful in Italian society. It’s a big business, one of Italy’s most profitable industries. Being seen in the right place at the San Siro is as important as attending the first night of an opera at La Scala.

D) It is no coincidence that the game is played on the holy day, Sunday, because football is Italy’s sacred pastime. Italians call it la Giornata — the Day – as if the rest of the week is mere preparation. On Sunday afternoons a million Italians go to watch football, while 25 million listen to match reports on the radio or watch the frantic commentary of TV reporters describing actions from games which cannot be broadcast until the evening.

E) Before kick-off, the Parma fans are shouting at the Inter fans who are replying just as loudly. When the teams arrive on the pitch, the Inter fans let off flares, turn up the volume and wave flags, producing the most electric atmosphere I’ve ever experienced at a sporting event.

F) Inter starts well but after ten minutes Parma scores a beautiful simple goal. Then Inter equalizes but their captain is sent off after a deliberate handball. Inter scores again after thirty-seven minutes from a free kick. Parma gets close again just before half time but Inter scores their third goal. The fans start singing and whistling again. Parma scores again but it’s Inter’s day at the end of the match.

G) The Italian call Serie A ‘the most beautiful league in the world’. And they’re right. Fans from many countries have the opportunity to watch football matches of Italians clubs because International Sport channels broadcast them all the day round. The number of football lovers is growing day by day.

A) – 6
B) – 3
C) – 1
D) – 5
E) – 2
F) – 8
G) – 7