Задание 11 на тексты и заголовки

Тренировочное задание 11 на подбор заголовков к текстам.

1. Why men can’t find things. 5. Some professions suit only for men or women.
2. The parts of female brain can work simultaneously. 6. Some professions suit only for men or women.
3. Our brains work differently. 7. The developing of our abilities.
4. Women are better at running the house. 8. You should trust driving to the men.

A) During the last fifty years psychologists have made us believe that differences between men and women are mainly the result of traditional social ‘conditioning’, i.e. the way we are brought up. According to this theory women can be trained to do jobs that men traditionally do, and men can and should become more domesticated. But as the recent scientific research says, gender differences exist because men’s and women’s brains work completely differently and their biological differences mean that they can never think or believe in the same way.

B) In prehistoric times men hunted for food, often alone, and women looked after the children, usually with other women. Men needed to be able to find and kill animals. Women needed the ability to protect the home, to do several things simultaneously and have good communication skills on with the other women. As a result, men’s brains developed better spatial ability and programmed to focus on one specific task. Women developed more connections between the two sides of the brain, which led to be better at doing several things at once.

C) Because the two sides of woman’s brain are better connected, women are generally more talkative and more fluent that men. On average women speak 6800 words a day, and men only 2400! Women solve problems by talking about them, and in a crisis will usually want to discuss the situation and their feelings, while men tend to interrupt and offer solutions, which isn’t what women want at all. This fundamental difference is one of the main causes of the conflicts in male and female relationships.

D) A man sees driving as a test of his spatial abilities — he enjoys driving fast and showing off and consequently has more accidents than women. On the other hand, generally speaking, men are much less likely to get lost when driving because of their well-developed sense of direction. For women driving is mainly about getting safely from A to B, and they have more difficulties in reading maps. They also find parking a car in a small space more difficult and have more trouble distinguishing left from right.

E) Organizing a house involves doing several things at the same time, and women’s brains make them generally better at it than men. In an experiment for British TV six men and six women had to make coffee, wash up, make toast, take a phone message and pack a briefcase in ten minutes. With one exception the men were all worse than the women. They are worse at seeing details which means they usually don’t even notice that the house is dirty or in mess.

F) Men have inherited their ancestor’s long distance ‘tunnel’ vision which was vital for hunting. They can see well and far in one direction but they don’t see things on either side, and they don’t see as well as women close up. This explains why men can never find things in fridges, cupboards and drawers. Women have much wider peripheral vision than men which explains why a woman always seems to find what a man just cannot see.

G) Although some jobs today are still dominated by one or other sex, it is not because of sexual discrimination but basically because men and women are attracted to different jobs. It is logical that men are attracted to careers where spatial skills are vital, such as engineering, architecture, construction and flying. On the other hand, women has superior verbal skills, and they also excel in jobs that require good organizational skills.

A) – 3
B) – 7
C) – 2
D) – 8
E) – 4
F) – 1
G) – 5