ЕГЭ: упражнение 11 на высказывания и утверждения

Вы услышите 6 высказываний. Установите соответствие между высказываниями каждого говорящего A-F и утверждениями, данными в списке 1-7. Используйте каждое утверждение, обозначенное соответствующей цифрой, только один раз. В задании есть одно лишнее утверждение.

Play высказывания

1. The speaker was glad when she/he was given more serious work to do.
2. The speaker learned nothing important at work.
3. The speaker did not want to take any responsibility.
4. The speaker didn’t mind doing a lot of things during work practice.
5. The speaker wants to do the same kind of work in the future.
6. The speaker has a different idea of the profession after completing the practice.
7. The speaker felt rather nervous before starting work.

A – 6
B – 4
C – 2
D – 7
E – 1
F – 5

Speaker A: For my work practice I worked at Middle School. Over the two weeks I watched the teachers and worked with the children. I interacted with the pupils and helped encourage them to learn during their lessons. Teaching and working with children was much harder than I expected it to be, it isn’t a simple job. A full classroom of children can be very hard to control, so I have total respect for teachers now.

Speaker B: For my work practice I worked at the City Hospital. I think it is good to get some work experience because we get to see what it is like to work somewhere. I had a lot of different jobs to do: I helped make beds, take people’s pulse and blood pressure, make tea or coffee for the patients in the ward, serve lunches at lunchtime and get people’s notes ready. I enjoyed talking to the patients, bringing a smile to their faces.

Speaker С: I worked at a big store. I really didn’t enjoy myself and I think it was really a waste of time. During the day I worked from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. putting products on shelves. I got a morning break, a lunch hour and an afternoon break which was very good! Some of the time I was able to work on the customer help desk in the store. I wasn’t given much responsibility and wasn’t taught anything new during the day.

Speaker D: Now I am working in a department store and I like it but I clearly remember my first impressions. They were like OH MY GOD look how long I have to work and OH MY GOD I have to wear a horrible looking uniform! I was really afraid to call the store to arrange my first visit. But after I had spoken to the manager and she had answered all my questions some of my fears were gone.

Speaker E: I worked at a graphics company. During my two weeks I basically did nothing except helping the staff to deliver things and collect equipment. The worst part of my work experience was at the beginning when I didn’t have a lot to do. I was sitting watching people work, but as the days went on, I was given more responsibility. I really enjoyed my time at work practice and found it really interesting.

Speaker F: I worked with children, helping out in Physical Education classes during the day and attending clubs and matches after school. The children were aged between 9 and 13. My best moment was helping children to play cricket. I really enjoy sport and enjoy the interaction with others. So working with children or something to do with sports is what I would like to do when I become an adult.

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