Животные на английском :: Ответ к упражнению 1

Здесь находится ответ к первому упражнению по теме ЖИВОТНЫЕ НА АНГЛИЙСКОМ.

1. A large, feline mammal found in most of Asia. It has a yellow-orange coat and black stripes. – TIGER
2. A large, ferocious fish with a long body, a large dorsal fin and rows of sharp teeth. – SHARK
3. A large, tropical reptile with a broad head, powerful jaws and a thick covering of bony plates. – CROCODILE
4. A fast-running, flightless African bird with dark feathers. – OSTRICH
5. An insect with four wings that collects pollen and nectar and makes honey. – BEE
6. A large marine crustacean with eight legs and large pincers. – LOBSTER