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Music Festival. Part 1.

Joe: So I guess I need not ask who your favorite, uh, band was during the evening.

Kristin: Radiohead!!

Joe: Yeah, I figured it…

Kristin: Of course.

Joe: …would be them. They were the main attraction.

Kristin: Yeah, I mean, I, y’know, I’m a fan of Beck, too. But I think that I was just so… Beck playing at a different stage than Radiohead and playing right before Radiohead. I was just so focused on getting back to the stage to get a good spot to see Radiohead. I just couldn’t fully, uh, get into Beck. And, yeah, it, it’s just, he, the music just wasn’t resonating with me tonight, unfortunately. ‘Coz that’s the first time I’ve ever seen Beck live.

Joe: Yeah, y’see, for me, it was totally different because I really, really enjoyed Beck’s performance and, uh, y’know…

Kristin: Y-, you, you missed half of it, goin’ to the bathroom, what are you talkin’ about?

Joe: Well, y’know, sometime nature calls.

Kristin: [laugh]

Joe: But, uh, y’know, I, I also, I wasn’t familiar with Radiohead’s music at all. I really enjoyed it. And, uh, y’know, I, I would definitely go see them again. But I, I’m more familiar with Beck’s music so maybe that helped me to enjoy it. Plus, I, I just like that style, Beck’s style of music, more than Radiohead’s, y’know? But I really did enjoy
the Radiohead music. I liked the fact that, uh, the crowd was really into them. Y’know, like you looked out in the crowd and you saw everyone smiling. Y’know, everyone seemed happy. And like some people were dancing. And, uh, a lot of
people were singing their songs. You could tell that they, they were very familiar with the music. So, uh, y’know, it was just a good vibe. I, and I really enjoyed that part of it.

Kristin: Oh, they were off the hook. I mean they sounded just as if I had put a CD in the CD player.

Joe: Yeah, well, y’know …

Kristin: And, that’s…

Joe: … practice makes perfect.

Kristin: Yeah, it’s difficult to find that live. But, I will say, too, well, let me back up. I’m, I’m really glad I took it easy last night, just so I could save some energy up for tonight ‘coz I danced my ass off. And I thought that I would.

Joe: Yeah.

Kristin: And I did, I had so much fun. But, um, going back to what you were saying about the crowd being really into them… They were, I agree. But I would say that more people didn’t dance than those that did, which kind of surprised me. It’s so different compared to the music we usually go to see.

Joe: Yeah, I mean I totally agree. When we usually go see music, everybody is dancing. And, uh, you’re right in that there were maybe – I wouldn’t even say half the crowd was dancing.

Kristin: Yeah. I guess there were more people singing, as you experienced. [laugh] Some people standing next to you…

Joe: Yeah, there was a guy who was standing next to me who was singing. I mean he was, it was like he was screaming at the top of his lungs. I just could not, uh, hear the music at points. I had to move away from him at one point.

Kristin: [laugh] That’s so funny.

Joe: And then there were some teeny boppers who were over near me who were just like screaming. They weren’t even singing the music. They were just yelling. Y’know, so…

Kristin: Oh, just like out of excitement, I mean…

Joe: Yeah, they were so excited…

Kristin: …yeah.

Joe: …yeah, they were just like yelling. But, you know what, they were having a good time. And the way I look at it, this was their favorite band probably. So, y’know, more power to ‘em. They were having a great time and I was happy to see that.

Kristin: Well, without a doubt Radiohead is one of my favorite bands. So I was happy to see them live. I hadn’t seen them live since I was in college and didn’t even appreciate ‘em then.

Joe: Yeah, well, y’know, uh, maybe next year they’ll play the festival again.

Kristin: Yeah, if they have one. Wasn’t this the first year they had this festival?

Joe: Yeah, that’s true.

Kristin: Yeah, and this was the first time ever someone played at dark in Golden Gate Park.

Joe: Yeah, that’s true. I hope that, uh, we didn’t wear out our welcome, as fans.

Kristin: How so?

Joe: Well, y’know, people…

Kristin: Leaving trash and stuff behind?

Joe: No, I think more so when people were leaving the concert. Since Golden Gate Park borders, uh, y’know…

Kristin: Oh.

Joe: …a bunch of neighborhoods, people were walking out of the concert at the end of the night and making a lot of noise and…

Kristin: Right.

Joe: …I think that, and it was getting late at night. So I think that it, uh, might have woken up a lot of the people who live in the area. So I just hope that the people weren’t, uh, y’know, too much of a burden on the neighborhood.

Kristin: Yeah, y’know it did kind of suck that the sound cut out twice, but I guess that’s just…

Joe: Yeah, what was up with that? I mean the guy who was at the soundboard must have been asleep at the wheel.

Kristin: [laugh]

Joe: That’s like so unprofessional.

Kristin: Yeah, that was, that was really disappointing.

Joe: Well, at least when the music was playing, uh, it sounded good and the band performed well.

Kristin: Yeah.

  • Radiohead: an English music band
  • the main attraction: here it means the band that everyone wanted to see the most
  • Beck: the name of an American musician
  • get into: enjoy
  • resonating with me: it was nothing special to me
  • live: in concert
  • nature calls: have to go to the bathroom
  • a good vibe: a good feeling
  • off the hook: excellent
  • practice makes perfect: if you do something enough times you become good at it
  • let me back up: let me start over again
  • took it easy: relaxed
  • I danced my ass off: I danced a lot
  • screaming at the top of his lungs: to yell loudly
  • teeny boppers: teenagers; people who are between ages 13 and 19
  • more power to ‘em: that is good for them
  • at dark: at night
  • wear out our welcome: to make someone uncomfortable by staying too long (or doing something too much)
  • Golden Gate Park: a park in San Francisco
  • borders: is next to
  • burden: something that is difficult; something that is a problem
  • suck: not good
  • cut out: to stop working because there is a problem
  • asleep at the wheel: being careless about what you are supposed to be doing; not doing what you are supposed to be doing

Music Festival. Part 1.