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Живая беседа по теме Visit To San Francisco. Part 2.

Kristin: Hey, I just got an e-mail from Katy.

Joe: Oh, did she make it home okay?

Kristin: Yeah, she did. It was a really nice e-mail. She was thanking us for the nine days that we put her up when she was here and also for the great time that we showed her.

Joe: Yeah, I mean, thinking back, we really crammed in a lot.

Kristin: We did. She also said she enjoyed meeting you and getting to know you. She, uh, confided in me that you’re a keeper.

Joe: [laugh] Oh, oh, that’s nice. Good.

Kristin: [laugh]

Joe: Yeah, I like, y’know, it was, it was cool the way she pretty much just was able to go with the flow. I mean, y’know, we pick her up at the airport. I knew that she was really tired because she had said that she had to get up really early in the morning to catch her flight and that she really only slept a few hours…

Kristin: Right.

Joe: …so right after we pick her up, we go out and grab a bite to eat. And then we came home for, I don’t know, maybe an hour? And before you know it, we’re off to see that concert at the Warfield.

Kristin: Right. Yeah, and so we did that Saturday night. And then Sunday morning we had to wake up early and go to Bay to Breakers which she thoroughly enjoyed. And then that night we went back to the Warfield for the very last show before it closed.

Joe: Yeah, that was really cool that she was able to go to the Warfield because, I mean, that place is a landmark. It’s been around since like, y’know, the late 1800s. And, uh, here it is now that they said that they were gonna be closing it. There really was no other opportunity to go and, y’know, to see a piece of history.

Kristin: Yeah. Yeah.

Joe: What’d she have to say about Bay to Breakers? I mean that’s an, that’s an iconic San Francisco event.

Kristin: I think she was, uh, pretty shocked. Y’know Bay to Breakers, although it’s a race, you would never, never be able to tell it because it seems like it’s just a drunk costumed fest.

Joe: It seems like a party, actually, to me.

Kristin: It does. Or uncostumed, there are so many naked people as well.

Joe: Yeah, y’know what…

Kristin: So…

Joe: …y’know what the mayor said when he ran it, uh, last year?

Kristin: I, I know what you’re gonna say, but go ahead.

Joe: Yeah, he said, I was surprised there weren’t more naked people.

Kristin: I know, I love that… that, he made…

Joe: That was funny.

Kristin: …that comment. That was right when I first moved here. And I was like, yes, I’ve moved to the right place.

Joe: [laugh] That’s great.

Kristin: [laugh] But you know, as far as like other things that we did… I think she also really enjoyed getting out of the city. Um, it, y’know, one day Tim took her to Muir Woods. So she really had a great time, uh, there…

Joe: Oh man.

Kristin: …just seeing the redwoods.

Joe: Yeah, it’s beautiful up there. I mean when you go through that area… I mean, it’s breathtaking. It makes for a great picture.

Kristin: Yeah. Yeah…

Joe: The other great thing is I love the fact that so many people come from all over the world to see, uh, the big redwoods. I mean it’s really something that, y’know, you can take for granted living here. But then when you see all the people who come from, y’know, far and wide just to, y’know, come to see ‘em, you really see like, y’know, how much of an appreciation you should have for them.

Kristin: Oh yeah. Yeah, and…

Joe: Some of those things you can’t even put your arms around they’re so big.

Kristin: I know.

Joe: You can step inside some of the trees. I mean, it’s crazy, y’know.

Kristin: Yeah. And then, uh, remember that other day, too, he drove she and I down Highway 1. That’s always nice, to drive along the coast. It’s a really pretty drive.

Joe: Oh yeah, and you can stop and go to the beach. Man, San Francisco… We have the beach. We have mountains. We have the trees. Like, we have the best of both worlds here.

Kristin: I know. My brother commented on that when he visited here.

Joe: Yeah.

  • put (her) up: have (her) someone stay at your home
  • thinking back: remembering
  • crammed in: to do a lot in a short time
  • confided in: told in secret
  • keeper: here it means someone good to continue dating
  • cool: good
  • go with the flow: to do without planning
  • catch her flight: to board or get on an airplane
  • pick her up: met and gave her a ride
  • grab a bite: to eat some food
  • before you know it: before you realized it (means that time went quickly)
  • we’re off: we are leaving to go somewhere
  • The Warfield: the Warfield Theatre; a theatre in San Francisco where concerts are performed
  • Bay to Breakers: the name of a running race in San Francisco
  • thoroughly: completely
  • landmark: here it means a building that is important
  • iconic: famous or well known
  • pretty shocked: very surprised

Живая беседа по теме Visit To San Francisco. Part 2.