Английский для продвинутых. Живая беседа по теме Visit To San Francisco. Part 2.

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Живая беседа по теме Visit To San Francisco. Part 1.

Joe: So what else do you think, uh … stood out in Katy’s mind?

Kristin: Well…

Joe: From her visit.

Kristin: …y’know, for me it was really fun taking her around to all my favorite bars. And she’s always up for a drink. Uh, something else that just made me think… She really enjoyed all the ethnic restaurants. Y’know…

Joe: Oh yeah, there’s great variety here.

Kristin: Yeah, we, we could eat something different every night. And although you can get ethnic food back east, they’re chains, y’know. They’re not the mom and pops that we have here.

Joe: Yeah, I’d much rather go to an independent, uh, restaurant. I mean there’s so much more… they’re so much more authentic. And they have so much more character when the people are actually from the area, uh, which the restaurant is, y’know, prov-, uh, serving food from.

Kristin: Yeah, and I would just rather support a family than some big company.

Joe: Totally. Yeah, like Baobob. That’s a great example, y’know.

Kristin: Yeah. We went there one night. She loved it.

Joe: But, y’know, the people who work there and own it are from… Y’know, the food’s East Senegalese. And all the people who work there are from West Africa. They dress, uh, y’know, in, uh… in clothes that are, y’know, uh, customarily worn by people in those regions. You look on the wall, you see all this artwork that was, uh,
painted there.

Kristin: Yep.

Joe: Y’know, I love it. And then plus, my gosh, what about those coconut infused rum drinks there.

Kristin: Oh, that’s my favorite.

Joe: Oh, man.

Kristin: That’s why I like to go there, just for those drinks.

Joe: Those things melt in your mouth.

Kristin: I know.

Joe: I, I would love to have the recipe for that.

Kristin: Y’know, they have such great music, too. They really get good bands in there.

Joe: Yeah, my gosh. Uh, there was this one guy that we saw perform there. And I don’t know what his name is. But he was playin’ this instrument that was native to, uh, Africa. And I had never seen it before. But the sounds that were coming out of it just blew me away.

Kristin: Oh, wow.

Joe: Yeah.

Kristin: Y’know, we, um, we definitely crammed a lot in that week. But we still… There’s so much we didn’t get to do. I mean she says she wants to come back. In fact, she’s tryin’ to talk two of my friends into coming back with her next year. So we could do those things that she didn’t get to do when they all come back. But, I… Like, we went to Chinatown. We went to North Beach. We did that in one day. But, we just didn’t…

Joe: Yeah, there’s a lot to see there.

Kristin: There’s a lot to see and we just kind of breezed in and breezed out. So she’d probably definitely want to go back to Chinatown. We didn’t make it to Japantown at all. Y’know, you and I live here in The Mission. So she got to, to, uh, experience The Mission, y’know… see a good bit of The Mission I should say, but…

Joe: Yeah, we didn’t even take her to The Haight. She didn’t get to see all the hippies and stuff.

Kristin: No, no, no, we… no, we did.

Joe: Oh, I wasn’t with you guys, that’s right. You guys went one afternoon…

Kristin: No, no we went… no, we went for lunch one day, remember? Me, you, your friend Dan was in town, too.

Joe: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, okay. I do remember. Yeah, okay. Yep. Yeah, okay, good. So she did get to go to The Haight.

Kristin: Yeah.

Joe: Y’know what I would have, uh… that I really enjoyed doin’ when she was here was goin’ up to Sonoma. I mean I felt like…

Kristin: Yeah, that was a perfect way to top off her trip. That was the last day she was here.

Joe: I mean if you like wineries, I don’t know how you couldn’t like a trip like that.

Kristin: I know.

Joe: The other thing that was great is, this time when we went to Sonoma, we went to some really small wineries. And I just felt like they were so much more accommodating and welcoming when you went there, y’know? I mean, they like…
some of ‘em serve snacks even. But most of them had like free tastings. Whereas when we go to those larger wineries, you just don’t get that sort of uh, um… They’re just not as, uh, as friendly and…

Kristin: Yeah.

Joe: …it seems like they don’t go out of their way to try and, uh, y’know, make you feel welcome.

Kristin: Right. Yeah, I agree.

  • stood out in (Katy’s) mind: remembered very well
  • always up for: always wants to do; always ready to do
  • ethnic: here it means from a country other than America
  • variety: different kinds
  • chains: stores or restaurants with many locations (e.g. McDonald’s)
  • mom and pops: family owned stores and restaurants
  • independent: hear it means something not related to a chain
  • authentic: real
  • character: something that makes something different
  • support: give business to
  • Baobob: a restaurant in San Francisco
  • customarily: usually
  • regions: areas
  • melt in your mouth: tastes very good
  • native: from
  • blew me away: I really enjoyed it
  • crammed a lot in: to do a lot in a short time
  • Chinatown: an area of San Francisco
  • North Beach: an area of San Francisco
  • breezed in and breezed out: came in quickly and left quickly
  • Japantown: an area of San Francisco
  • The Mission: short for The Mission District; an area of San Francisco
  • a good bit: a lot
  • The Haight: short for The Haight District; an area of San Francisco
  • hippie(s): person with long hair
  • Sonoma: an area in California
  • to top off: to end with
  • wineries: place where wine is made
  • accommodating: willing to please
  • go out of their way: to try very hard to help others or make them feel comfortable
  • make you feel welcome: to try very hard to make you feel comfortable

Живая беседа по теме Visit To San Francisco. Part 1.