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Jessica: We’ve only got one week so I think we can rule out Spain. It’s too far.
Mathew: It’s too hot, too.
Adam: The beaches are crowded and it’s noisy. There’s too many kids running round shouting.
Mathew: It’s twice as expensive as the camping trip.
Jessica: Let’s compare the country house near Cambridge with the camping trip in Scotland.
Adam: The country house looks lovely.
Mathew: Don’t you think it’s too expensive?
Adam: No! It’s less than half the normal price! Come on! Let’s go there!
Jessica: OK, I’m happy to go along with that.
Mathew: Right, I think that’s a clear decision. The country house is our preferred option. Book it now before it’s too late!
Adam: Oh no!
Mathew: What?
Adam: It’s too late! We’ve missed the special offer! Look at the price now!
Jessica: We can’t afford that!
Adam: I know!
Mathew: We’ll just have to borrow my brother’s car and go camping in Scotland…
Adam: It’s the least expensive.
Jessica: Yep.
Mathew: Oh no!
Jessica: What?
Mathew: My brother needs his car next week. We can’t have it.
Jessica: Next week we’re off to sunny Spain!
Adam, Mathew: Viva España!
Jessica: We’re taking the Costa Brava plane!
Adam, Mathew, Jessica: Viva España! Olé!

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