Видео курс разговорного английского. Урок 4 :: Транскрипт

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Tim: Hiya Jon!
Jon: Alright, Tim! How are things?
Tim: Yeah, pretty good. How about yourself?
Jon: Yeah, good thanks. Er, can I ask a favour?
Tim: Sure!
Jon: Er, well, Lizzy and I are thinking of going climbing in Snowdonia next weekend.
Tim: Great idea!
Jon: Yeah, and I was wondering if we could take your tent. It’s just that I’ve only got that little one-man tent and … which isn’t big enough. Do you mind?
Tim: Oh, no, not at all!
Jon: And could I possibly borrow your climbing belt? I can’t seem to find mine.
Tim: Yeah, that’s fine by me. As long as you give it back to me afterwards.
Jon: And, can we take your 60-metre climbing rope?
Tim: I don’t think that’s a very good idea, to be honest, mate. It’s a bit old now. I’m not sure it’d be safe climbing with that. You’ve still got your 40-metre one, yeah? I think that’ll be fine.
Jon: Yeah, maybe you’re right. Oh, and one last thing. Can we take your van? Oh, go on! It’ll be difficult getting all that stuff into my little car.
Tim: Yeah, I suppose so.
Jon: Brilliant! Cheers, Tim!
Tim: That’s alright. So what time are we leaving?
Jon: Sorry?
Tim: What time am I picking you and Lizzy up?
Jon: Er, listen, mate, I think perhaps there’s been a misunderstanding. You see we were planning to … um
Tim: It’s OK, mate, I was just joking! I knew you weren’t inviting me. Pop round this evening and I’ll have everything ready …
Jon: Brilliant! Thanks, Tim!

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