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Choose the correct answers.

1. The first woman that the reporter speaks to
a) agrees that there is a problem with hooligans.
b) believes that the estate was a worse place to live twenty years ago.
c) says she used to break the law when she was a teenager.

2. The second woman
a) says that Ravenswood is a friendly place to live.
b) has lived on the estate all her life.
c) agrees that the estate is dangerous.

3. She also thinks that
a) life in Ravenswood is exciting.
b) young people often behave badly.
c) people from the media are exaggerating the problems.


Complete the conversation with a the word or phrase the speakers use.

Personally, As far as I’m concerned, It seems to me, I mean, Frankly, To be honest, If you ask me

Sean: Could you tell me about some of the terrible problems caused by young hooligans on the estate?
Mary: Problems? I’m not sure I know what you mean.
Sean: Yes, apparently some people in the area are terrified to leave their homes because of the crime.
Mary: Well (…1…) , I don’t know what you’re talking about. (…2…) , we
don’t have any problems with the young people round here at all. In fact, (…3…) ,
things were much worse here 20 years ago when I was a teenager!

Sean: Would you agree that the Ravenswood is a dangerous place to live?
Tamsin: No, not at all. (…4…) , I think it’s one of the safest parts of Luton to live in.
(…5…) , I’ve lived in a lot of different places in my life and I’d say that Ravenswood
is one of the nicest and friendliest places I’ve ever lived.
Sean: Oh, really? Well what about the shocking reports of teenagers terrorising local people?
Tamsin: Well, (…6…) , it’s nonsense. In fact, it’s so quiet here, it’s a bit boring really. You
know, sometimes (…7…) that it’s the media inventing these problems just so they
have something to talk about.

2-If you ask me
3-as far as I’m concerned
5-I mean
6-to be honest
7-it seems to me

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