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Woman 1 (off): Travel Hut Customer Services. How can I help you?
Simon: Hello, I stayed in one of your hotels last night, in Nottingham, and I’m afraid I’m not satisfied with the service. There was no soap in the bathroom! And when I told the man in reception, he was very rude to me.
Woman 1 (off): I’m so sorry, Mr …
Simon: Moon. Simon Moon.
Woman 1 (off): It won’t happen again. I’ll talk to…
Simon: I think you should give me a full refund and…
Man 1 (off): Manny’s Models. Good morning.
Simon: Good morning. I wish to make a complaint concerning a model aeroplane I bought from your online store. First of all, it arrived two weeks late.
Man 1 (off): Yes, we’re changing our distribution system. You see…
Simon: And the model is not complete: there is a part missing!
Man 1 (off): I’m very sorry, there must have been a mistake. It’s entirely our fault. We’ll replace the model plane straightaway. Can you give me your name and address?
Simon: Moon. Simon Moon.
Simon: Yes, Mrs Anderson, I know Peter is only three years old, but he’s too noisy. Frankly, it’s intolerable. You must control the boy!
Emma: Simon! Where’s that file? I asked for it three hours ago!
Simon: Don’t blame me! I’m trying my best. It’s not my fault!
Emma: Of course, it’s your fault! You never do anything on time.
Simon: Oh Emma, why do you complain all the time? It’s not good for you, you know.

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