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Susan: …. he explained that he had come to check my gas boiler. So I let him into the house and showed him the bathroom, where the gas boiler is. I even made him a cup of coffee!
Neil: And how long did you leave him for?
Susan: It must have been about 15 minutes. Anyway, he came downstairs and said he’d checked the boiler and that everything was fine. Then he asked me to sign a piece of paper and he just left. It was only later I noticed that my laptop was missing.
Neil: Right. And what did he look like?
Susan: Well, I’d say he was in his early thirties. Quite slim and pretty tall. About the same height as my boyfriend, so about 1 metre 80, something like that. He had short, dark hair. I’m not sure what colour his eyes were. He had a moustache and his face was very red. He had two big scars, one on his forehead. One on his cheek, on the right, I think. And he was wearing one of those eyepatches, a black one, like a pirate. He was quite a scary looking sort of bloke, actually. But he did have a nice smile and he was really charming as well.

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