Видео курс разговорного английского. Урок 10 :: Упражнения

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Choose the woman’s opinions about the picture.

1. The picture doesn’t have a meaning.
2. It has a lot of power.
3. It’s about the past.
4. It’s about progress.

2, 4

Complete the conversation with a word or phrase from the box.

That’s true but the most interesting thing, Let me put it another way, Could you say it again?, Let me finish, What do you think, William?

Abigail: Right, so what have we here?
Anthony: What do you think?
Abigail: It’s very powerful, isn’t it? Look at the power of this colour across the middle of the painting. To me, that’s a symbol …
Anthony: An extremely powerful symbol. I …
Abigail: Hold on. (…1…) . To me that’s a symbol of progress.
Anthony: I’m sorry, I’m not sure what you mean …
Abigail: (…2…) . This picture is all about moving from the present to the future. From what we know to what we don’t know…
Anthony: (…3…) about this picture is the strong, green colour. In my opinion, this picture is about hope and optimism. (…4…)
William: I’m sorry, I didn’t get that. (…5…)
Anthony: I was saying to me this picture symbolises hope and optimism. Do you see what I mean?
Abigail: Why don’t you tell us your opinion, William?
William: Well, I definitely agree that this picture is trying to tell us something. I think it’s showing us where the exit is.

1. Let me finish
2. Let me put it another way
3. That’s true but the most interesting thing
4. What do you think, William?
5. Could you say it again?

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