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Abigail: … absolutely marvellous
Anthony: Yes, quite extraordinary.
Abigail: Right, so what have we here?
Anthony: What do you think?
Abigail: It’s very powerful, isn’t it? Look at the power of this colour across the middle of the painting. To me, that’s a symbol …
Anthony: An extremely powerful symbol. I …
Abigail: Hold on. Let me finish! To me that’s a symbol of progress.
Anthony: I’m sorry, I’m not sure what you mean…
Abigail: Let me put it another way. This picture is all about moving from the present to the future. From what we know to what we don’t know…
Anthony: That’s true but the most interesting thing about this picture is the strong, green colour. In my opinion, this picture is about hope and optimism. What do you think, William?
William: I’m sorry, I didn’t get that. Could you say it again?
Anthony: I was saying to me this picture symbolises hope and optimism. Do you see what I mean?
Abigail: Why don’t you tell us your opinion, William?
William: Well, I definitely agree that this picture is trying to tell us something. I think it’s showing us where the exit is.

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