Смотрим и понимаем английское телевидение – Урок 9 (Фразы)

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1: Heathrow Airport is having a bad day.

2: Hundreds of passengers can’t fly because of a computer problem in air traffic control.

3: In Terminal 1, things are getting worse.

4: More and more passengers are arriving.

5: Some aeroplanes are leaving, but many flights are cancelled.

6: Everyone is hoping to find a flight.

7: Some of the waiting passengers are having a snack while others are spending their time outside.

8: It’s a hot summer day.

9: Back inside the terminal, it’s getting hotter and hotter.

10: Some people came here five hours ago.

11: I’m here with my grandmother and my parents and it’s, it’s terrible for us to wait here for such a long time.

12: You know, we have to sleep at the airport because no hotel is available.

13: So, it’s just terrible.

14: Have a look at this.

15: Improvisation at its best.

16: I’m glad they’re sleeping now.

17: I was hoping to get to Berlin soon.

18: People are still trying to find a flight.

19: I’ve had my son go on the internet, my daughter be in one queue, me be in the other queue and on the mobile, all at the same time, trying to get to Amsterdam for 9.30 tomorrow morning.

20: After five hours queuing, you really become really Zen, you know … and here it’s pretty calm.

21: The airport managers find an interesting solution to one of the problems … garden chairs.

22: With the chairs to relax in, some passengers are finding new ways to pass the time.

23: Inside Terminal 1, it’s late at night, after midnight … and many passengers are still here, waiting for their flight.

24: Around 300 flights left Heathrow that day, but 319 flights were cancelled, and over 500 people spent the night in the terminal.

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