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1: All over the world, festivals bring people together.

2: But why do people go?

3: For the music? The food? The fun and games?

4: We went to Bestival in the Isle of Wight, England to find out.

5: But the first question is – where do we sleep?

6: Um, I’ve got a beach hut up here to stay in, and I’ve got the key.

7: One man said it was like sleeping in the back garden.

8: It’s like opening your back door, going down to the end of your garden, getting in your shed with your baby and wife, and then calling it a holiday.

9: You can stay in a hut, but most people here sleep in tents.

10: There are a lot of different people here – families, young people, older people.

11: We asked: Why do so many different people come to festivals?

12: Well, I suppose it gives everybody a chance just to be themselves…

13: … and just … be free … and be away from their normal jobs.

14: People will respect each other and have, um, sort of some of those old-fashioned traditional values, but actually values that everyone really likes.

15: The thing I always think about festivals is they’re just playgrounds for grownups.

16: And, of course, there’s one reason everyone’s here: the music.

17: This really is a festival for all the community, young and old mixing together.

18: In the tea tent these women are having a great time.

19: Why do they go to festivals?

20: The community getting together and the young mixing with the older people.

21: We make cakes, we do pop festivals, we’ll go anywhere, do anything.

22: So, if there’s one answer to the question, ‘Why are you here?’, one thing that everyone talks about, is this: being together.

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