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1: And finally, the country that I’m in: Argentina.

2: The twenty-lane Avenue the 9th of July is the widest street on the planet …

3: … and if you need to know where you are in the city, it’s an easy reference point …

4: … as it cuts through the metropolis from north to south.

5: La Boca, the port where the first Spaniards landed, is one of the poorest regions in the city.

6: The people of La Boca share one of Argentina’s greatest passions: football.

7: From its slums have come some of the greatest players and its most famous team.

8: La Boca is where Diego Maradona, one of football’s leading legends, began his career.

9: So, why is football so important to Argentineans?

10: Because we are a very passionate country. We are Latins.

11: In every way we have passion: for football, for music.

12: We are also famous for the tango.

13: People started dancing the tango in the 1800s.

14: It’s a dance full of passion and emotion.

15: I’ve been riding on and off since I was eight or nine and I love horses …

16: … and I’ve never played polo before and, apparently, Argentina is the place to learn.

17: Morning, Juan … Morning … Morning, Gada.

18: First lesson: getting on the horse.

19: Come on, Nicki. You can do it!

20: I can do it. I’ve got to do one, haven’t I? Here we go!

21: Yay! Hola, Nikki!

22: Yes! That was one! One out of a hundred!

23: The British originally came to Argentina for meat.

24: Today, Argentina is still famous for its beef.

25: It’s considered the best beef in the world.

26: Big meat-eaters over here, aren’t you?

27: Yeah. I think the, the average of meat that a person at the dinner eats per year is like 80 kilos … in one year.

28: That’s a lot! The average. So, that’s, that’s a lot.

29: You can’t be a vegetarian, can you, with all this fantastic meat?

30: If you want, we have very good vegetables here!

31: Very social, isn’t it?

32: As you say, with family and friends, good table, good wine, you share wonderful moments.

33: Never less than two, three hours.

34: That’s it from Argentina and Holiday 10 Best. Join us next time. Goodbye!

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