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1: Carlos Acosta is one of the greatest living ballet dancers.

2: He was the first black principal dancer at Covent Garden in London.

3: He is famous around the world and in his home country of Cuba he is a national hero.

4: Carlos now travels the world but always sees Cuba as his home.

5: All his family are still there.

6: In Cuba he isn’t a foreigner.

7: He says that in Cuba a child learns to dance first and then to speak.

8: He talks about the heat and the sea, about dance and music and happiness.

9: Cuba is always going to be my home.

10: In my heart, that’s the only country…

11: …you know, and because that’s where all my relatives are, my memories, you know, and this is the only place I’m never going to be a foreigner.

12: You learn how to dance first, then you learn how to speak, you know, in Cuba.

13: It’s something that’s been passed on through generation to generation.

14: And it’s also, you know, the heat, and the tropic, and the sea and … it’s almost that’s what, er, it’s asking for, dance and music and happiness.

15: Carlos was born in Havana, the youngest of eleven children in a poor family.

16: He often missed school.

17: He was a champion break-dancer in the streets but didn’t want to be a professional dancer.

18: When he was nine, his father sent him to ballet school.

19: Carlos hated it.

20: He told his father he wanted to do something else.

21: So, I, I did tell him many times that I didn’t want to be … and that I wanted to do something else – football …

22: … you know – but he didn’t want to hear it.

23: So, I went and I … but thank God he didn’t want to hear it because thanks to that I’m here now.

24: At ballet school, Carlos wasn’t always a good student and didn’t want to be a dancer.

25: But, when he was thirteen, Carlos saw the Cuban National Ballet …

26: … and he loved it so much that he changed his mind about ballet.

27: He decided to work hard and three years later, at sixteen, he travelled to Europe for the first time.

28: That year he won four major dance competitions and became famous all over the world.

29: Now he is an international star and he dances in many countries, but he still goes home to Cuba several times a year to visit his family.

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