Смотрим и понимаем английское телевидение – Урок 10 (Фразы)

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1: I’m Donal MacIntyre.

2: I’m about to follow water’s journey around the planet.

3: This is Wild Weather.

4: I’m going to start my journey with water in the wettest place in Western Europe: …

5: … Bergen, city of rain on Norway’s western coast.

6: It rains here two out of every three days.

7: So what’s the one thing you need in a city like this?

8: Umbrellas – lots of them.

9: We have some special umbrella for little rain, lot of rain and storm.

10: For every occasion? … Yes.

11: This city is so proud of its rain they can it and sell it to tourists because they’ve got lots of it.

12: And crashing down on the roof of the average family house every month is a staggering 18 tonnes of rain.

13: That’s 225 tonnes a year.

14: This place is seriously wet.

15: This is TV2, Bergen’s local TV station.

16: Benedikte Rasmussen has the unenviable job of presenting the weather.

17: The longest period of rain was in 1990.

18: And I know this because I’ve checked it now …

19: … but it turns out that it was raining from the 3rd January to the 26th March that year …

20: … and that’s about eighty-three days …

21: … and I can’t remember but I, I think I was quite fed up of rain after those days.

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