Английский текст для чтения – 21

Короткий английский текст для практики чтения и перевода.

The Pilgrim was led to his room by a servant. On their way they met a woman sent by Rowena. She said that her mistress wished to speak to the Pilgrim, and made a sign to him to follow. He did so without answer or protest. A short passage led them to the room of the Lady Rowena, which was very richly furnished.
The Lady Rowena sat on a sort of throne. Three of her attendants were standing at her back, and arranging her hair. When the Pilgrim approached, she said to her servants: “Retire, excepting only Elgitha; I will speak with this holy Pilgrim.”
The servants retired to the further end of the room, and sat down on a small bench against the wall.
“Pilgrim,” said the lady, after a moment’s pause, “you spoke this night about Ivanhoe. Tell me where and in what condition you left him?”
“I know little of the Knight4 of lvanhoe,” answered the Pilgrim in a troubled voice. “I think he will soon return to England, where you, lady, must know better than I what is his chance of happiness.”
The Lady Rowena sighed deeply, and asked about the dangers that the Knight of Ivanhoe might meet on his way home.
“Ivanhoe,” said the Pilgrim, “can travel through Venice and Genoa, and from there through France to England. He knows the language and manners of the French very well.”
“I would like to see him safely arrived and able to take part in the approaching tournament. How did he look when you last saw him?” asked the Lady Rowena.
“He was darker,” said the Pilgrim, “and thinner than when he came from Cyprus with the Lion’s Heart.”
“Thanks, good Pilgrim, for your information about the companion of my childhood,” said the lady.
She then offered him a cup of wine and gave him a piece of gold which he received with a low bow and followed Elgitha out of the room.

After “Ivanhoe” by Walter Scott