If you choose something or someone from a group of things or people, you decide which one you want.

1. She stared for a moment at the clothes hanging in the closet, then chose a simple, severe blue suit.
2. A prince in my position is free to choose men to serve him for their ability.

If someone chooses to do something, they do it because they want to or because they feel it is right.

3. Most visitors to these parts choose to travel by bicycle or to walk.
4. They could fire employees whenever they chose.

If a group of people elect someone to represent them or to do a particular job, they choose them by voting for them rather than for another person.

5. They elected a man from the southern Bendel state as their chairman.
6. They met to elect a president.

If you elect to do something, you choose to do it. This is a formal use.

7. They may elect to opt out of the scheme.