café, cafeteria, wine bar

café, cafeteria, wine bar

A café is a place where you can get light meals, cakes, and drinks. In Britain cafés do not usually sell alcoholic drinks. In cafés your order is usually brought to your table by a waiter or waitress.

1. We went down to the café to have tea and sandwiches.
2. Paul Gazengel opened up his café as usual, although there was almost no business.

Note that cafés in France and the rest of Europe sell alcoholic drinks.

3. …the glasses of wine which he consumed in the café before dinner.

A cafeteria is a place which serves meals. Customers take their food from a counter on a tray and pay for it at a cash desk. Colleges, offices, and factories often have a cafeteria where students and employees can eat.

4. …a breakfast of boiled eggs and orange juice and coffee at the dorm cafeteria.

In Britain, a wine bar is a place which serves wine by the glass. Unlike a pub, it does not usually sell beer, but it does sell non-alcoholic drinks. It usually also serves meals. You can either drink at the bar or have your order brought to your table by a waiter or waitress.

5. She works three evenings a week in a wine bar.
6. I usually go to a wine bar just along the road.