The brand of a product such as soap or tea is the name given to it by the firm that makes it. One firm may make several brands of a particular product. Brands are usually products which do not last for a long time.

1. There used to be so many different brands of tea.
2. Stein was most particular about soap and he had used this particular brand for over twenty years.

The make of a car or of an electric appliance such as a radio or washing machine is the name of the company that makes it. You use make to refer to products which last for a long time.

3. …tests on different makes of car to establish resistance to bodywork stress.
4. She can spot the make of typewriter a secretary is using.

If you talk about what type of product you want, you are saying what features it should have and what quality it should be. You do not only talk about types of goods; you can also talk about types of people or abstract things.

5. You will have to decide which type of pram to choose.
6. With a certain type of actor that method can be quite effective.
7. It’s a new type of bank account for young people and children.

Note that if you ask someone what type of car they have, they could reply, for example, a ‘saloon’ or ‘an estate’. If you ask what make of car someone has, they could reply, for example, ‘Ford’ or ‘Toyota’.