A box is a square or rectangular container used for packing objects. Boxes are usually made of cardboard or wood. Some are open, some have a separate lid, others close with a set of overlapping flaps.

1. He packed up his stock in cardboard boxes.

In American English, a carton is a cardboard box used for Packing things.

2. Hi-fis should be specially packed in the cartons in which they arrived.

In British and American English, a carton is also a closed cardboard or plastic container used for food or drink.

3. I drank more milk from the carton I had opened.
4. …eating ice cream directly out of the carton.

A crate is a box made from thin strips of wood.

5. …a large wooden crate.

A crate is also a box divided up into sections for individual items and made of wood, plastic, or metal.

6. Empty bottles chinked as the milkman put them into his wire crate.