You use ask for when you are reporting requests. When someone says that they want to be given something, you report this using ask for. For example, if a woman says ‘Can I have an orange juice?’, you report this as ‘She asked for an orange juice’.

1. She asked for a drink of water.
2. No good artist who asked him for money was ever disappointed.
3. Robertson decided to ask for a job.

You use demand when reporting that someone has asked for something in a very forceful way and is determined to get it. For example, if a thief says ‘Hand over the money’, you report this as ‘He demanded the money’.

4. They were demanding the resignation of the government.
5. …the fear that women may demand equal rights.
6. The policeman demanded to see their identity cards.

You can also use demand when you yourself are asking for something in a very forceful way.

7. I demand to see a doctor.
8. ‘I demand to know the meaning of this!’ he screamed.