You use altogether as an adverb to emphasize that something has stopped or has been done or finished completely. If you say that something stops altogether, you mean that it stops completely; if you say that you have given something up altogether, you mean that you no longer do it at all.

1. Quite soon she stopped trembling altogether and began to look round at them.
2. This does not mean that people should go without breakfast altogether.

You can also use altogether to emphasize a quality in someone or something. If you say that two things are altogether different, you mean that they are completely different. If you say that something is altogether more interesting, you mean that it is much more interesting, and if you say that something is altogether too slow, you mean that it is much too slow.

3. Your sources of supply are altogether different from those of a normal retail business.
4. What troubled me was altogether vaguer and deeper.

You can also use altogether to sum up a situation you have been discussing and make a final judgement.

5. Altogether our playground is a good one.
6. Altogether, caution and courage are necessary.
7. Yes, it’s quite a pleasant place altogether.

You also use altogether to show that an amount is a total. If you say that something cost a hundred pounds altogether, you mean that the total cost was a hundred pounds; if you say that ten people were present altogether, you mean that there were a total of ten people present.

8. Altogether there must have been about twenty babies.
9. Altogether I went back to her about seven times.
10. You will get £340 a week altogether.

You use all together to say that a group of people or things are together or do something together, and that none of them is missing. You can also talk about bringing people all together if you bring everyone to a particular place.

11. It had been so long since the days when we were all together – at home, secure, sheltered.
12. Each organ depends on the other and all together make up the whole.
13. When we have enough, we pour it all together in a pot and heat it.
14. Students may be accommodated all together on a vast campus.