Школа на английском : Упражнение 6

Здесь находится шестое упражнение по теме ШКОЛА НА АНГЛИЙСКОМ.

Вставьте слова в пропуски:

grade, rules, srict, discipline, hour, uniform, period, test

School was very different when I was young. We all had to wear a school (1) ____ . There were lots of (2) ____ and the teachers were very (3) ____ . We had to stand up whenever a teacher came into the room. Once a week we had a (4) ____ and anybody who got a (5) ____ D or E had to do extra work during the lunch (6) ____ . My favourite subject was art, but we only had that for one (7) ____ a week. Schools are more relaxed nowadays, but when you look at the problems in society, I think perhaps we should bring back some of the (8) ____ .


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