Где происходит диалог : Упражнение 19 аудирование ОГЭ

Тренируем аудирование ОГЭ по английскому языку.


Вы услышите четыре коротких диалога, обозначенных А, В, С и D. Определите, где происходит каждый из этих диалогов. Используйте каждое место действия из списка 1-5 только один раз. В задании есть одно лишнее место действия. Вы услышите запись дважды.

Play диалоги

1. In the cinema
2. At the airport
3. In a travel agency
4. In a restaurant
5. In a hotel

A – 4
B – 5
C – 3
D – 1

Dialogue A

A: Excuse me, are you ready to order?
B: Yes, … but first could you tell me what this salad is made of?
A: Salad “Travelling in the mountains” you mean? Oh, it’s our chef’s original recipe. There’s chicken there, some apples, onions, corn and different spices. I think you should try it.
B: Ok, if you recommend it… Then chicken soup with toast, please, and coffee with milk.

Dialogue В

A: Morning, can I help you?
B: Yes, I’ve reserved a room here via the Internet.
A: Your name, please.
B: James, James Moren.
A: Yes. Your room is number 35, on the second floor. I’m sure you’ll like it — it has a wonderful view of the mountains.
B: Fine. I’d like to check in as soon as possible. I’ve been travelling for two days and I’m dying for a hot shower and a few hours of sleep.

Dialogue С

A: If you like the mountains, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this trip. And the flight is not very expensive either. It would cost twice as much if you travelled in high season.
B: Where did you say we’ll be staying?
A: In a little hotel. A very nice one. They’ve got their own restaurant and the chef treats the guests with the best national and European dishes.
B: Ok, and what is that all going to cost for a family of four? Two adults, two children.

Dialogue D

A: I think I’ve already seen this film.
B: No, you can’t have seen it. It’s new and it’s only been on for a few days.
A: Ok. You may be right. Look — they are travelling in the mountains but the girl is wearing high heeled shoes. So silly!
B: Don’t be so cynical about the details! Pass me the pop corn and enjoy the film.