Упражнение 29 на написание личного письма

Здесь находится упражнение 29 на написание письма личного характера.

You have received a letter from your English-speaking pen friend Rob who writes:

…and then there’s a rugby match on Saturday. If our team wins, we’ll be the champions of our school. Who knows?
And another thing. I have to do a project on technology for school. Could you tell me a few things about how you use technology in your life? You know, computers, mobiles, TV, that sort of things. And what about your relatives? How do they use technology in their everyday lives?
Anyway, I met Mark the other day and he said that…

Write back to Rob.
In your letter
— answer his questions
— ask 3 questions about rugby
Write 100 — 140 words.

Remember the rules of letter writing.



Dear Rob,

Thanks for your letter. It was great to hear from you again! Please give my best regards to your parents.

Well, you asked me about technology. Well, I’ve got a new mobile with a camera so I’m taking lots of pictures at the moment. I’ve also got a computer but I use it mainly for surfing the Net. Of course we’ve got things like a TV set and a DVD player. My parents usually watch TV whereas my brother spends hours playing computer games.

Anyway, I’m glad you’ve made such progress in rugby. Does it differ much from football? How many players are there in your team? What is the most difficult position in rugby?

I’ve got to go now as I’m helping my Dad in the garage.

All the best,