Упражнение 2 на порядок слов в английском предложении

Здесь находится упражнение 2 на порядок слов.

Расставьте слова в нужном порядке, чтобы получилось предложение.


1. were, pale, they, men, faces, big, with.
2. New Zealand, were, from, the eight men, divers.
3. to clear, the harbour, was brought, of its wrecks, the team, to, Rangoon.
4. these, refugees, a lot, of, ships, had boarded.
5. climbed, of, the ship, hole, in, the side, I, through, one.
6. the compartment, the lamp, next, just, in, is being fi xed.
7. appeared, the porter’s, in, the doorway, face, smiling.
8. a few, words, I, to say, companion, was eager, my, to.
9. was born, of, Mark Twain, a lawyer, in, small town, the family, in 1835.
10. in, he, a printshop, began, home, his, to work, town, at.
11. a number, this, was followed, of, by, story, stories, short, novels, and.

1. They were big men with pale faces. / They were men with big pale faces.
2. The eight men were divers from New Zealand. / The divers were eight men from New Zealand.
3. The team was brought to Rangoon to clear the harbour of its wrecks.
4. A lot of refugees had boarded these ships./ Refugees had boarded a lot of these ships.
5. I climbed through one hole in the side of the ship.
6. The lamp is just being fixed in the next compartment.
7. The porter’s smiling face appeared in the doorway.
8. I was eager to say a few words to my companion.
9. Mark Twain was born in the family of a small town lawyer in 1835.
10. He began to work at a printshop in his home town.
11. This story was followed by a number of short stories and novels.