Упражнение 1 на passive voice

Здесь находится упражнение 1 на passive voice.

Поставьте следующие предложения в страдательный залог (passive voice).


1. Did they offer you a good job?

2. Why can’t you tell them the truth?

3. What kind of explanation did they give you?

4. They have just shown us a new film.

5. The teacher was reading a fairy tale to the children.

6. Have you written a letter to Father?

7. Will the teacher dictate the text to you?

8. They asked me a lot of interesting questions.

9. Everyone was listening to the speaker very attentively.

10. People are talking a lot about this young actress.

11. He never mentioned the incident to his friends.

12. His father taught him mathematics.

13. We envy him his luck.

1. Were you offered a good job? Was a good job offered (to) you?

2. Why can’t they be told the truth? Why can’t the truth be told them?

3. What kind of explanation were you given? What kind of explanation was given (to) you?

4. We’ve just been shown a new fi lm. A new film has just been shown (to) us.

5. A fairy tale was being read to the children.

6. Has a letter to Father been written?

7. Will the text be dictated to you?

8. I was asked a lot of interesting questions.

9. The speaker was being listened to very attentively.

10. This young actress is being talked about a lot.

11. The incident was never mentioned to his friend.

12. He was taught mathematics by his father.

13. He is envied his luck.

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