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Today was a rainy day in Los Angeles.
Today it was rainy in Los Angeles.
Last year we got under three inches of rain.
Last year we had less than three inches of rain.
That makes rain a pretty unusual event.
So rain is a pretty uncommon occurrence.
LA is actually supposed to be a desert.
In point of fact, LA is supposed to be a desert.
Our water is brought in from about 400 miles north of here.
Our water reaches us from about 400 miles to the north.
With global warming, the water situation is getting serious.
Thanks to global warming, the situation with water is getting serious.
The cost of water to households is going up.
The per household cost of water is on the rise.
Pretty soon there may be laws about watering lawns.
Before long we may see laws about watering lawns.
Lawns are a terrible waste of resources in this climate.
Given the climate here, lawns are a terrific waste of resources.
A few people have replaced lawns with plants that flourish in dry soil.
A few people have taken out their lawns and put in plants that do well in arid soil.
Many of these plants are native to California.
A good number of these plants are California natives.
About 80% of the water used in California goes to agriculture.
Agriculture accounts for about 80% of water use in California.
In my opinion, the production of food is more critical than grass.
What I think is that producing food is more important than having a lawn.
Maybe genetic engineering will provide a solution.
Perhaps genetic engineering can deliver a solution.
It may be possible to develop plants that require less water.
Developing plants that need less water is thinkable.
It may even be possible to develop humans who require less water.
Breeding humans who can live on less water is also conceivable.
I’m joking and I’m not joking.
I’m joking and I’m not.
In any case it is something to think about.
At any rate it is something to ponder.