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Слушаем урок-подкаст по теме “SOME and ANY”. Вас ждет отработка полезных тематических слов и фраз, тренировка восприятия английской речи на слух и многое другое.

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Ключевая лексика подкаста SOME and ANY

I went to the beach with some friends.
I bought some tea.
She sang some songs in Russian.
Do you have any black markers?
Haven’t any packages arrived for me?
Are there any ripe tomatoes in the garden?
We don’t have any instructions yet.
They couldn’t find any wood to make a fire.
Please don’t send me any more emails.
Would you like some cookies?
Is there some way I can get a ticket to the football game?
Is there any more coffee in the pot?
Is there some more coffee in the pot?
Somebody has stolen my wallet.
Has anybody called in the last half hour?
I don’t have anybody I can really trust.
Wasn’t there anywhere to go for help?
Somewhere there is a girl for me.
He put something in his pocket.
Did they say anything about me?
Some of the apples were rotten.
Have any of you heard a weather report?
I don’t like any of his new songs.
He took some shirts to the cleaners.
Do you have any shirts for the cleaners?
No, I don’t have any shirts for the cleaners.
Some of us are going to play tennis today.
Are any of your friends playing tennis tomorrow?
No, I don’t think any of them will be doing that.
Would you like to see some really nice websites?
Didn’t you like any of those websites?
I won’t show you any more websites.
Can you think of anything more to add to your presentation?
No, I can’t think of anything more.
Maybe you’ll think of something tomorrow.
I’d like to go somewhere warm this winter.
Is there anywhere special you might want to go?
No, I don’t have anywhere special in mind.
I didn’t get any of my grades yet.
I think some of my grades will be quite good.
Did you find out any of your grades yet?
Do you want to download some more songs?
Do you want to download any more songs?