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Слушаем урок-подкаст по теме “Reading”. Вас ждет отработка полезных тематических слов и фраз, тренировка восприятия английской речи на слух и многое другое.

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Основное в подкасте Reading

I try to do some reading every day.
I try to get in some reading every day.
I’m talking about reading a book.
I’m referring to reading a book.
Reading makes me feel like my brain is working.
Reading gives me the feeling that my brain is on the job.
No two people experience a book exactly the same way.
No two people have exactly the same experience with a book.
The reader and the writer are sort of partners.
The reader and writer are kind of partners.
The writer plants a garden and invites the reader in.
The writer opens the gate to a garden he has planted.
How to enjoy the garden is up to the reader.
It is the reader’s decision as to how to enjoy the garden.
Some of the plantings in the garden he hardly notices.
He hardly takes note of some of the plantings in the garden.
Others he slows down for to really enjoy.
Others he slows down for to savor.
The reader should feel like an explorer.
The reader should have a sense of being an explorer.
Every book is a new adventure.
Every book represents a new adventure.