Семья на английском : Упражнение 3.

Упражнение 3 на тему СЕМЬЯ НА АНГЛИЙСКОМ.


Существуют различные типы семей. Вот они:

a. a nuclear family
b. an extended family
c. a single-parent family
d. a couple who adopted a child
e. a couple with no children

Прочтите описание семей и определите, к какому типу они относятся.

1. We’re married with three kids. Our eldest son, Simon, has just started secondary school, our daughter, Lisa, is eight and our youngest son, Luke, is only five.

2. We’ve only been married for a year. We’re not planning to start a family just yet.

3. I’m a single mum. I bring up my son Josh on my own. Josh doesn’t mind being an only child but I think he’d like a brother or sister one day.

4. We share the house with my mother and father and my wife’s sister and her kids. Everyone helps to look after all the children.

5. We couldn’t have children of our own so we decided that adoption was the only answer. Lily came to live with us two years ago. She seems very happy at the moment but we realise that she might want to find her real mother one day.

1 a
2 e
3 c
4 b
5 d