Задание 44 на тексты и заголовки в ОГЭ по английскому

Прочитайте тексты и установите соответствие между текстами и их заголовками.


A. The unexplained
B. How horror stories make us feel
C. Fears we can easily explain
D. Two kinds of stories
E. Real life fears
F. Not like other films

1. Horror films don’t usually contain characters with strong personalities or have strong stories like other films. We are not interested in Dracula’s psychological reasons for biting people. Horror stories can be supernatural, biological or physical, and they can take place anywhere. The important thing about them is how they make people feel.

2. People like stories that have an emotional effect on them. For example, some people like romantic stories, which make them feel sad or remind them of being in love. Horror stories and feeling afraid make our hearts beat faster. We experience the same feelings that we get when we do sport or ride on a roller coaster. People feel panic because they are frightened and this is exciting. The person watching the film or reading the book shares the feeling of the human being in the story.

3. There is another reason why people enjoy feeling afraid. It seems that horror stories help people to do something about things that worry or scare them, such as the dark or pain. They can sit in a safe cinema seat and watch the dark or pain on the screen. When they come out of the cinema, their real fear doesn’t seem so bad.

4. There are two different types of fear in horror stories. In the first type, the danger always comes from outside, such as monsters or vampires like Dracula. Human beings can attack the monster, and there is usually a happy ending to the story, the danger disappears. The second type is more terrifying. The danger comes from inside of people, and it is usually more ’realistic’ to people. Human beings fight against it, but they are never successful, and the story is usually open-ended, the danger may return or get worse!

5. Finally, frightening stories are popular because they show us impossible, unknown beings and things we don’t understand. These things both fascinate us and terrify us. Because we are fascinated, we keep on watching or reading, even though we are frightened. This is what gives us the experience which so many of us find enjoyable.

1 – F
2 – B
3 – E
4 – D
5 – A